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Google Ads
Master Class

(449) Rating


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21 modules | 10:00 hrs Highlights
  • Bring Sales, Leads & Website Traffic to Your Business
  • Do in-depth Campaign Optimisations in Google Ads
  • Hands-on Experience of How to Use Automation
  • Setup Conversion Tracking to Boost Sales
Digital Marketing

(435) Rating


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13 modules | 15 hrs 25 mins Highlights
  • Full Understanding of Digital Marketing Foundations
  • Understand Different Types of Digital Ads
  • Learn Proven Digital Marketing Strategies
  • Learn Social Media Marketing
Microsoft Power BI:
A Complete
Hands-on Training

(180) Rating


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13 modules | 04 hrs 04 mins Highlights
  • Complete End-to-end Power Bi Report Development
  • Learn Power BI's Complete ETL Process
  • Understand Data Using AI-based Power BI Visuals
  • Learn and Implement Dax Calculations
टू विन

(443) Rating


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10 modules | 01 hr 55 mins Highlights
  • स्मार्ट, कॉन्फिडेंट और इफेक्टिव नेगोशिएटर बनें
  • नेगोशिएशन टेक्निक्स के बारे
  • नेगोशिएशन ट्रैप्स से बचना सीखें
  • नेगोशिएशन में विचारों और भावनाओं पर काबू रखना सीखें

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