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Digital Marketing Masterclass


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Are you looking for a complete digital marketing course to teach you everything you need to become a digital marketing expert? Then, search no further; you’ve found a suitable digital marketing Masterclass!
This course will teach you everything you need to know to get a job in advertising and marketing, run a successful campaign, grow your current business or find new ways to increase your value at your current job.
This course is designed as an introduction to the world of digital and online advertising. We’ll cover all the different types of digital ad units, advertising partners, processes, buying and more.
It is perfect for anyone interested in advertising their business online, looking for a job in digital media planning, wondering how influential brands decide to place an ad online, or a student focusing on marketing and advertising. It is also helpful for those generally interested in how online ads are created and served.
With the skills learned in our digital marketing Masterclass, you can:
  • GROW your own business
  • LAND a job in this hot marketing industry
  • HELP a client increase their business
This is a 100% Practical Course – Get Ready for Hands-On Experience from the First Lecture!
Throughout the entire course, you’ll be taking action! First, you’ll learn the proper techniques and strategies for each section. Then you’ll see how these strategies are used in the real world with case studies. Finally, you’ll take action yourself and see actual results!

Course FAQs

Digital marketing is an advertising and content distribution via a variety of digital channels. Digital marketing includes online channels such as search engines, social media, email, applications, websites, and any new digital channels that might arise with the possibility of


You will learn Website Development, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMM), PPC, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Email marketing, Content Writing, Keyword research, Google Analytics, Google Search Console & so on.

Our training program is specially designed for undergraduates, graduates, working professionals, freelancers, homemakers, and entrepreneurs. In this digital marketing masterclass, you are going to learn every content in depth to create a winning career for every profile.

As per statistics, the digital marketing industry is expected to grow substantially in the upcoming years. Subsequently, a career in digital marketing promises high-paying salary packages and placement opportunities across the globe. Hence, a digital marketing career would be highly beneficial.

Yes, we provide course completion certificates on successful completion of the Digital Marketing Masterclass

Course Structure

  • What is Marketing & Its Type 10:30
  • Define & Find the Perfect Customer Avatar 10:15
  • Digital Marketing & Its Scope 7:59
  • What is a Website 7:38
  • Domain, Hosting & SSL 34:26
  • Vs 12:33
  • Setup Your Website 15:14
  • Different Types of Website Creations
  • Free Website Creation
  • What is Content Marketing? 9:47
  • Your Content Marketing Plan 17:54
  • Copywriting Basics 10:04
  • A.I.D.A. 10:51
  • Write Quality Articles 16:34
  • An Overview of SEO 10:22
  • Type of SEO – On Page, Off Page & Technical 8:57
  • What are keywords and why are they important? 17:41
  • Keyword research tools 27:25
  • Optimising Your WordPress Website 42:26
  • Search Console & Analytics Basic 21:20
  • The Importance of Backlinks 17:40
  • Backlink Creation Process 11:55
  • Technical SEO 15:57
  • Local SEO (Google My Business) 10:49
  • Google Web Stories 11:34
  • SEO Audit, Checklist & Report Creation 08:25
  • What is Google Ads, and Why is It Important to You? 12:04
  • Creating Your Google Ads Account Step by Step 07:36
  • Setting Up Your Google Ads Account Billing Information 06:24
  • Types of Google Ads That We Can Create 16:16
  • 3 Main Elements of Your Campaigns 11:17
  • Creating a Google Ads Search Campaign 19:12
  • Creating a Google Ad Display Campaign 17:58
  • Creating a Google Ad Video Campaign for Youtube 08:19
  • Google Performance Max Campaigns 11:37
  • Introduction to Social Media Marketing 09:32
  • Understanding Social Media Platforms 06:43
  • Facebook Marketing 20:47
  • Instagram Marketing 08:13
  • Pinterest Marketing 14:20
  • Linkedin Marketing 09:49
  • Social Media Content Creation 09:04
  • Social Media Management Tools 11:59
  • Social Media Audit, Checklist & Report Creation 05:13
  • Basic of Facebook Ads & How It Works 13:23
  • Different Types of Ads Objectives of Facebook Ads 07:51
  • Defining Your Target Audience 13:50
  • Creating Your Ad in the Ads Manager 16:53
  • Brand Awareness Campaign Setup in the Ads Manager 06:55
  • Website Visit Campaign Setup in the Ads Manager 10:56
  • Lead Generation Campaign Setup in the Ads Manager 14:28
  • What is Facebook Retargeting and Why is Important for You 10:16
  • Creating a Facebook Pixel & Installation & Retargeting Campaign 10:04
  • Introduction 09:01
  • Youtube Keyword Research 13:14
  • YouTube Optimisation 15:24
  • What is Email Marketing 14:02
  • Email Marketing Tools 08:57
  • Create a Lead Magnet 11:43
  • Create Email Sequences 11:22
  • Reporting & Getting Success 10:17
  • What is Affiliate Marketing 09:41
  • Different Affiliate Marketing Programs 12:34
  • Different Traffic Source to Get Sales 10:48
  • How to Earn Money Through Affiliate Marketing 14:30
  • How to Get a Job in Digital Marketing 10:48
  • How to Start Your Freelance Consulting Journey in Digital Marketing 08:30
  • How to Implement Digital Marketing in Your or Your Client Business 09:16
  • Different Growth hack in Digital Marketing 09:11
  • Thank You & Guide 02:34

Your Instructor

Rupshanker Mishra is a Digital Marketing Specialist, Consultant, Content Creator, and Co-founder of Mediaffix. He is helping start-ups & companies leverage the best digital marketing strategies to multi-fold their revenues. He is known for creating exceptional branding and Digital Marketing solutions for various brands.
He has Complete Digital Marketing Strategies expertise, including SEO, Social Media branding, campaigns, creatives, website development, personal branding, Digital Marketing career, and more! He has been featured in various newspapers and has delivered multiple workshops & talks in different companies, colleges, and online events.
Rupshanker Mishra
Digital Marketing Consultant

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