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Negotiate to Win


About the Course

Negotiation is an art and science. Nevertheless, it is an essential part of the business world. Hence, to become a better leader, it is crucial to master negotiation skills.
Negotiation is one of the critical leadership skills. It is not only a method of reaching agreements but also a method of bridging communication gaps.
To be a successful negotiator, you must understand the core of negotiation. This course will help you learn the basic principles of negotiation, the three core competencies of successful negotiation, and develop your negotiation skills. It will assist you in getting the most out of a negotiation and achieving a ‘win-win’ situation for both parties.

01 hrs 35 mins

12 Modules

43 Handouts

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Course FAQs

Negotiation is a dialogue between two parties to resolve conflicts or issues so that both parties find the solution acceptable. Usually, it is a compromise involving give and take. Negotiation results when each party compromises to resolve a conflict for everyone’s benefit.

Negotiation is a coveted leadership skill that helps businesses reach their business objective. It also helps builds better relationships and avoid future conflicts

Many positions require employees to have strong negotiation skills. Whether you are simply working as part of a team or regularly negotiating with clients, honing these skills will make you better able to build trust, communicate effectively, and productively settle differences

Negotiation occurs in organisations, including businesses, non-profits, within and between governments, sales and legal proceedings, and personal situations such as marriage, divorce, and parenting. This course will provide you with the tools and techniques to create value for all parties involved in the Negotiation.

Negotiation skills are required at all levels of an organisation and in various other circumstances; this program will benefit any professional who leads and manages projects, processes, and teams or deals with internal and external stakeholders

Course Structure

  • Important Negotiation Skills 09:13 min + PDF
  • How to Prepare Skilfully 04:52 min + PDF
  • Introduction 01:35 min + PDF
  • Stage 1: Prepare 02:48 min + PDF
  • Stage 2: Information Exchange 04:15 min + PDF
  • Stage 3: Bargain 02:12 min + PDF
  • Stage 4: Conclude 01:13 min + PDF
  • Stage 5: Execute 01:16 + PDF
  • Introduction 00:52 min + PDF
  • Distributive & Integrative Negotiations 02:05 min
  • Introduction 00:58 min + PDF
  • Avoid Being Provoked Into an Emotional Response 03:47 min + PDF
  • Don’t Abandon Value-Creating Strategies 02:50 min + PDF
  • Use Time to Your Advantage 02:14 min + PDF
  • What to Consider 01:27 min + PDF
  • What to Consider: Goals 01:26 min + PDF
  • What to Consider: Alternatives & Consequences 01:27 min + PDF
  • What to Consider: Power & Relationships 01:42 min + PDF
  • Introduction 01:42 min + PDF
  • Competing: I Win, You Lose 01:07 min + PDF
  • Collaborating: We Both Win 01:10 min + PDF
  • Accommodating: I Lose or Give In 01:03 min + PDF
  • Avoiding: Not Me, Not Today 01:00 min + PDF
  • Assertiveness, Cooperativeness and Persuasiveness 02:31 min + PDF
  • Introduction 01:31 min + PDF
  • Soft Negotiation 01:13 min + PDF
  • Hard Negotiation 01:06 min + PDF
  • Principled Negotiation 01:40 min + PDF
  • Introduction 01:02 min + PDF
  • Not in the Agenda 01:14 min + PDF
  • The Resource Crunch 01:15 min + PDF
  • No Precedent 01:01 min + PDF
  • Comparison 01:10 min + PDF
  • Nibbling 01:10 min + PDF
  • The Slow Coach 01:21 min + PDF
  • Limits/No Time 01:00 min + PDF
  • Good Guy/Bad Guy 01:03 min + PDF
  • The Insider 01:18 min + PDF
  • Introduction 01:37 min + PDF
  • The Long-time Challenges 04:18 min + PDF
  • Essential Strategies 02:24 min + PDF
  • Essential Strategies: Part 1 04:45 min + PDF
  • Essential Strategies: Part 2 06:11 min
  • Conclusion 01:53 min

Your Instructor

Mr. Achal Rangaswamy is a veteran Sales and Marketing Professional.
He completed his Post Graduate studies at Delhi University and is an Alumnus of the prestigious St Stephen’s College.
His last assignment was President – Marketing with Bell Ceramics Ltd on the professional front. Mr Rangaswamy was conferred with the AMA – Zydus Cadila Marketing Man of The year Award, instituted by The Ahmedabad Management Association. He is the author of 4 books on building a fulfilling career, managing time, and success in selling.
He has also delivered a TEDx talk at IIM-Raipur in 2017 on ‘Discovering the Joy of Selling.’
Achal Rangaswamy
Marketing Advisor and Sales Coach

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