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Sales Mastery: Close Any Sale


About the Course

Sales is an art that you can master. Learn techniques to become an effective salesman and make more money. Get more leads and close more sales to achieve your goal. Unlock the potential of any sale and close a deal with confidence.
Sales is a dynamic and challenging career. Learn how to drive value for your organisation through strategic sales management. Increase your productivity and make your life easier with iJaipuria’s sales tips.
This course will teach you how to analyse customer needs, earn commitment, deal with various customer attitudes, and turn their ‘No’ into a ‘Yes.’ You will know how to get more customers and make sure you close more sales.

05 hrs 48 mins

07 Modules

25 Handouts

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Course FAQs

Yes, you can take this course without any prior experience or degree. All you need is an interest in building your career in sales.

Whether you are a sales professional or starting your own business, this course will help you learn the art and science of selling.   It will help you understand customer needs and do business in all situations. In addition, This course will teach you to convince the most cynical customer and convert their ‘no’ to a ‘yes’.

Though you might be an experienced salesperson, sales training reinforces your selling skills and instils confidence. It also inspires you to adjust to the new buyer behaviour or industry trends. Sales training also builds upon and enhances existing sales skills.

The sales mastery course offers you a new perspective on sales. It offers you practical strategies to grow your business and inspires you to be a better salesperson and build a good relationship with your customers.

This program will help you learn strategic ways to increase the business’s revenue. In addition, it will provide the much in demand Sales training that can help drive growth in accountability, acquire new customers, and build customer relationships.

Course Structure

  • Sales: A Great Career Option 10:12 min + PDF
  • The Sales Profession has Changed 01:38 min + PDF
  • What is Selling? 12:47 min + PDF
  • Preparation for Career in Sales 05:06 min + PDF
  • Sales Call: The Door Opener 07:52 min + PDF
  • Why Do Customers Buy?06:54 min + PDF
  • Types of Needs 07:10 min + PDF
  • How to Create a Powerful Value Proposition? 06:07 min + PDF
  • How to Uncover Needs? 13:40 min + PDF
  • How to Uncover Needs? – Scenario 02:22 min
  • How to Present a Solution? 15:25 min + PDF
  • How to Gain Commitment? 12:51 min + PDF
  • Types of Customer Attitude 05:13 min + PDF
  • How to Handle a Positive Prospect? 02:34 min + PDF
  • How to Handle a Questioning Prospect? 05:46 min + PDF
  • How to Handle a Silent Prospect? 06:13 min + PDF
  • How to Handle a Dislike Prospect? 13:55 min + PDF
  • How to Handle a Dislike Prospect? – Scenario 02:14 min
  • Online Sales Call 09:31 min + PDF
  • The Job of Selling Never Ends 04:31 min + PDF
  • 8 Mantras to Sales Mastery 09:16 min + PDF
  • Managing Change in this VUCA World 08:23 min + PDF
  • Ever-Evolving Salesperson 11:06 min + PDF
  • 7 Pillars of Success in Sales 21:03 min + PDF
  • Measure to Succeed in Sales 06:01 min + PDF
  • Be a Mentor and Coach 06:39 min + PDF
  • The Sales-Oath 05:21 min + PDF
  • The Sales Mastery: Summary 03:21 min
  • Feedback Form: The Sales Mastery
  • Key Points to Remember
  • Course Assessment
  • FAQs answered by Achal Rangaswamy from the webinar
  • Bonus Video Content: 7 Webinar Questions Answered by Achal Rangaswamy

Your Instructor

Mr Achal Rangaswamy is a veteran Sales and Marketing Professional.
He completed his Post Graduate studies at Delhi University and is an Alumnus of the prestigious St Stephen’s College.
His last assignment was President – Marketing with Bell Ceramics Ltd on the professional front. Mr Rangaswamy was conferred with the AMA – Zydus Cadila Marketing Man of The year Award, instituted by The Ahmedabad Management Association. He is the author of 4 books on building a fulfilling career, managing time, and success in selling.
He has also delivered a TEDx talk at IIM-Raipur in 2017 on ‘Discovering the Joy of Selling.’
Achal Rangaswamy
Marketing Advisor and Sales Coach

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