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About the Course

To thrive and succeed in such competitive times, professionals have to unleash their true potential. They have to be personally effective to achieve success in every walk of their life.
Personal effectiveness is all about optimising the resources you have at your disposal. It can be your strength, energy, time, talent, skills etc., that empowers you to achieve your goals in life. As a working individual, you will need personal effectiveness to manage people, clients, bosses, and department heads.
This program on personal effectiveness teaches you the critical pillars of personal effectiveness like influencing people, taking the initiative, self-confidence, stress management, time management, the art of listening and dealing with failures. You will learn to become an effective and influential leader through this course by honing your skill sets.

01 hr 15 mins

15 Lessons

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Course FAQs

This course will educate you on using your potential, managing your time, juggling between work life and personal life, and influencing people effectively.

Personal effectiveness is a universal need. Having practical living skills can help you focus and control your daily life and provide you with a sense of achievement. In addition, those who live effectively feel more energised and can effectively manage themselves both at work and personal front.

In this program, we talk about 

– Building self-confidence

– Time Management

– Effective Listening Skills

– Learning Ability

– Dealing with failures

– Flexibility 

This course will help you realise your true potential by empowering your skills through self-transformation. Personal effectiveness is all about performing to the best of your abilities.

  • Corporate Executives in Middle or Senior Levels
  • Students/ Entrepreneurs
  • Those aiming for leadership roles in the future
  • Those looking to improve upon themselves

Course Structure

  • Pillars of Personal Effectiveness 05:27 min + PDF
  • Key Aspects of Personal Effectiveness 05:28 min +PDF
  • Learning Ability 06:23 min +PDF
  • Stress Management 08:13 min + PDF
  • Scenario: Time Management 02:02 min + PDF
  • Self-Confidence 05:22 min + PDF
  • Flexibility 05:35 min + PDF
  • Time Management 08:14 min + PDF
  • Scenario: The Four D’s 02:03 min + PDF
  • Dealing with Failures 08:21 min + PDF
  • The Art of Influencing People 06:29 min + PDF
  • Scenario: Introduction to Influencing 02:15 min + PDF
  • The Art of Listening 07:22 min + PDF
  • Leadership by Influence 05:44 min + PDF
  • The Four Keys to Influence Effectively 15:14 min + PDF
  • Feedback Form: Personal Effectiveness
  • Course Assessment

Your Instructor

Mr Hari Krishnan has a rich, varied and solid advertising background. He has worked for almost three decades across several creative and media agencies at the leadership level. He has played a vital role in the journeys of several large-scale brands in India, such as Samsung, PepsiCo, Nestle, Nokia, and Ford, to name a few. He has also held leadership roles in the leading advertising agencies like Ogilvy & Mather, Grey Worldwide, J. Walter Thompson Worldwide, TBWA, Bates India, The Blue Hive, Cheil Worldwide Inc., and Zenith Optimedia.
Hari Krishnan
Strategic Advisor – CultureDrum

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