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Google Ads Masterclass


About the Course

There is no need to worry if you are aiming to increase your business’ sales, spread your company’s brand, or perhaps start a new career as an AdWords expert. You will learn everything you need to know to achieve any one of these goals through this course.
Many people think that it is complicated to use, but this is not 100% true. We will show you how fun, simple and easy it is to create ads on Google Ads
Sign up now and let’s start generating more sales, outperforming your competitors, and exponentially increasing your online presence with Google Ads!
This course will give you a 100% understanding of Google Ads, and after going through this course, you will be capable of applying these concepts in building your own online business or handling Google Ads accounts of your clients.

10:00 Hours

21 Modules

01 Assessment


12 Month Access

513 Subscribers

21 Assignments

Assured Certification

Topics You Will Learn in This Course

  • Google Ads Overview, Ad Auction, Google Network, Google Ads Account Structure, Search Campaign Creation
  • Keyword Research, Keyword Selection, Google Ads Keyword Planner, Negative Keywords, Search Terms
  • Ads: RSA, DSA, RDA, Call Ad
  • Ad Extensions: Sitelink, Call, Callout, Structured Snippet, Price, Promo, Lead Form
  • Keyword Insertion, Countdown, Location Insertion
  • Bidding: Manual CPC, Maximize Clicks, Maximize Conversions, Maximize Conversion Value, Target CPA, Target ROAS, Target Impression Share, eCPC, CPM, CPV
  • Display Network: Affinity, In-Market, Demographics, Detailed Demographics, Life Events, Remarketing, Topic, Placement, Display Keywords, Custom Audiences, Combined Audiences, Standard Display Campaign Creation, Smart Display Campaign Creation, Gmail Campaign
  • Conversion Tracking: Website, Phone, App, Import, Conversion Action Sets
  • Remarketing: Overview, Audience Manager, Remarketing Campaign Creation, App Users, Youtube Remarketing, Customer List, Custom Combinations
  • Video: Instream Ad Campaign, Video Discovery Ad Campaign, Bumper Ad Campaign, Outstream Ad Campaign, 15 Sec non-skippable Ad Campaign, Ad Sequence Campaign
  • Shopping Ads Overview, Google Merchant Center Creation, Shopping Ad Campaign Creation
  • Universal App Campaign Creation
  • Smart Campaign Creation
  • Discovery Campaign Creation
  • Reports: Predefined Reports, Saved Reports, Dashboards
  • Shared Library: Portfolio Bid Strategies, Shared Budgets, Location Groups, Placement Exclusion Lists
  • Bulk Actions: Rules, Scripts
  • Planning: Keyword Planner, Ad Preview & Diagnosis Tool
  • More Tools: Ad Customizer, Page Feed, Dynamic Ad Feed
  • Drafts & Experiments
  • Billing, Summary, Documents, Transactions, Settings, Promotions
  • Google Ads Editor
  • Manager Accounts/My Client Center
  • Google Ads Resources: Google Ads Helpcenter, Google Ads Policy Helpcenter, Google Ads Blog, Search Engine Land
  • Google Ads Certification: Search, Display, Video, Shopping, Measurement, App

Course Structure

  • Google Ads: Introduction 10:29
  • Google Ads Auction 13:54
  • Google Ads Account Structure(1) 19:59
  • Search Campaign 11:19
  • Search Campaign Creation Assignment
  • Keyword Research 13:51 min
  • Keyword Match Types 06:28 min
  • Negative Keywords 05:44 min
  • Search Terms 05:29 min
  • Keyword Assignment
  • AdFormats 10:25 min
  • RSA 06:45 min
  • DSA 05:25 min
  • CallAd 04:42 min
  • adextns 07:32 min
  • Sitelink 05:00 min
  • Call Extension 02:56 min
  • Callout Extension 04:10 min
  • Structured Snippet 05:17 min
  • Price 05:33 min
  • Promo 05:40 min
  • Lead Form 06:07 min
  • Keyword Insertion 04:24 min
  • Countdown 02:52 min
  • Location Insertion 102:28 min
  • Ads Assignment
  • Ads Extension Assignment
  • Manual CPC 03:57 min
  • Maximize Clicks 03:14 min
  • Max Conversion 02:31 min
  • Max Conversion Value 02:13 min
  • Target Impression Share 03:39 min
  • Target CPA 02:38 min
  • Target ROAS 02:16 min
  • Enhanced CPC 02:37 min
  • CPM Bidding 02:37 min
  • CPV Bidding 02:06 min
  • Bidding Strategy Assignment
  • Display Network & Targeting 11:46 min
  • Affinity 02:50 min
  • Demographics 03:12 min
  • Detailed Demographics 02:58 min
  • In-Market 02:21 min
  • Life Events 02:33 min
  • Topic 02:55 min
  • Placements 02:47 min
  • Display Keywords 02:40 min
  • Custom Audiences 05:25 min
  • Combined Audiences 03:57 min
  • Standard Display Campaign 20:39 min
  • Standard Display Campaign Creation Assignment
  • Smart Display Campaign 11:16 min
  • Smart Display Campaign Creation Assignment
  • Gmail Campaign 10:51 min
  • Conversion Tracking Overview 03:02 min
  • Conversion Tracking 06:10 min
  • App Conversion Tracking 02:29 min
  • Phone Conversion Tracking 04:10 min
  • Analytics Conversion Tracking 03:05 min
  • Conversion Action Sets 03:11 min
  • Setup Conversion Tracking Assignment
  • Remarketing Overview 02:10 min
  • Audience Manager 06:54 min
  • Remarketing Campaign 14:37 min
  • Remarketing Campaign Creation Assignment
  • App Users 01:47 min
  • Youtube Remarket 08:13 min
  • Customer List 02:46 min
  • Custom Combination 02:03 min
  • True view In-stream 11:25 min
  • In-stream Ad Campaign Creation Assignment
  • Video Discovery Ad Campaign 15:48 min
  • Video Discovery Ad Campaign Creation Assignment
  • Bumper Ad Campaign 11:08 min
  • Bumper Ad Campaign Creation Assignment
  • Out stream Ad Campaign 10:43 min
  • Out stream Ad Campaign Creation Assignment
  • 15 Sec Non Skippable Ad Campaign 11:50 min
  • 15 Sec Non Skippable Ad Campaign Creation Assignment
  • Ad Sequence Campaign 12:40 min
  • Ad Sequence Campaign Creation Assignment
  • Shopping Campaign 02:46 min
  • Google Merchant Centre Account 09:34 min
  • Create Shopping Campaign 12:28 min
  • Create Smart Shopping Campaign 12:28 min
  • Performance Max Campaign Creation
  • Universal App Campaign 07:53 min
  • Universal App Campaign Creation Assignment
  • Smart Campaign 06:11 min
  • Smart Campaign Creation Assignment
  • Discovery Campaign 10:45min
  • Discovery Campaign Creation Assignment
  • Portfolio Bid Strategies 03:09 min
  • Portfolio Bid Strategy Assignment
  • Shared Budgets 02:42 min
  • Shared Budgets Creation Assignment
  • Location Groups 02:12 min
  • Location Groups Creation Assignment
  • Placement Exclusion 03:43 min
  • Placement Exclusion Lists Creation Assignment
  • Automated Rules 10:56 min
  • Rules Assignment
  • Scripts 20:29 min
  • Scripts Assignment
  • Keyword Planner 09:52 min
  • Ad Preview & Diagnosis 02:55 min
  • Ad Customizers 06:53 min
  • Ad Customizers Creation Assignment
  • Page Feed 06:02 min
  • Page Feed Assignment
  • Dynamic Ad Feed 13:06 min
  • Policy Manager 05:47 min
  • Drafts & Experiments 09:35 min
  • Introduction to Billing 05:52 min
  • Introduction to Google Ads Editor 05:31 min
  • Introduction to Manager Accounts 03:25 min
  • Google Ads Online Resources 03:54 min
  • Practice Test
  • Google Ads Certifications 05:21 min

Your Instructor

Tanmoy Kr. Das is an IIM Kozhikode alumni. He started his career with Google in 2007 as the account manager for Business Industrial Market clients based in the US. He managed Google Ads accounts for small, medium and large clients and received multiple awards- Impact Award & Gold Award, to name a few.
He has been teaching Google Ads & Microsoft Ads to young professionals since 2014 and has trained more than 8000 students so far. He also conducts corporate training on Google Ads for working professionals and senior management.
Tanmoy Kr. Das
Ex Google | IIM Kozhikode Alumni

Course FAQs

Google Ads is an advertising product of Google with the help of which online businesses across the globe can advertise their products & services online.

Google Ads helps advertise products & services across millions of websites across the internet. Because of this, millions of people get to know about these products & services, and companies can generate revenue.

Google Ads helps to reach out to customers directly with the help of paid ads. As a result, it can generate tremendous revenue for companies.

Google Ads is used by millions of companies, agencies, and start-ups worldwide. If you know how to run Google Ads accounts, you can work as an expert in any of these organisations.

  • Entrepreneurs Who Are Starting Their New Business
  • Existing Businesses Who Want To Try Google Ads To Check How It Helps To Boost Sales
  • Professionals Who Are Working In The Field Of PPC & Want To Upskill Their Knowledge About Google Ads
  • Young Professionals Who Are Entering Into The Field Of Digital Marketing

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