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How to Write a Will


About the Course

Writing a will is a must in these unpredictable times. Lack of a legal understanding may cause conflicting claims or problems for your survivors. This course helps you plan your inheritance considering the lawful provision in Indian law. By the end of this course, you will understand inheritance rules and how to make sure your money serves its purpose.

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Course FAQs

A will is nothing but a legal document that spells your wishes regarding the distribution of your property.

Yes, you don’t need a lawyer; you can write one by yourself but make sure it meets legal requirements.

No, it is not necessary to be on a stamp paper. A plain paper is valid as long as it is signed by a testator and has been witnessed.

Any adult of sound mind and is free from fraud can make a will.

Writing a will ensures that your estate and money is distributed as per your wishes, avoiding unnecessary conflicts among your survivors/ relatives.

  • Mid-career and senior-level executives
  • Retired Professionals
  • All those who want to ensure the safety of their estates and money

Course Structure

  • Introduction 01:32 min
  • Wills, Law and Succession 25:43 min + 2 PDF
  • Self Reflection
  • Heirs and Glossary 11:28 min + PDF
  • Hindu Succession Law 09:24 min + PDF
  • Muslim Succession Law 08:29 min + PDF
  • Ms Shriya Maini answers FAQ
  • Feedback Form

Your Instructor

Ms. Shriya Maini is an award-winning lawyer practising at the Supreme Court of India and the Delhi High Court in New Delhi. She specialises in dispute resolution (both civil, criminal and matrimonial). She is also a Gold Medalist from Gujarat National Law University; Post Graduated in Laws from the University of Oxford, U.K. She is also a visiting Professor for International Criminal Law at National Law University, Delhi and Lloyd Law College, Noida.
Ms. Shriya Maini
Advocate, Supreme Court of India

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