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Delegation and Empowerment


About the Course

Delegation and empowerment are critical skills for the workplace, especially when leading. A strong leader must know how to delegate and empower their workforce effectively.
When leaders delegate, they give their employees the authority to act on their behalf, accompanied by responsibility and accountability for results.
But when leaders empower, they give their employees full liberty to choose their path to do a specific job. A well delegated and empowered workforce improves team members well-being, productivity, and morale.
This course teaches you how to delegate and empower your team members effectively, differentiate between empowerment and delegation, and hone your leadership skills.

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Course FAQs

As a leader, it is your responsibility to not only achieve set targets but also empower your team. It is imperative as a leader to see that your team members grow alongside your organisation. This course on delegation and empowerment will help you allocate responsibilities to your team members at the same time empower them.

Delegation is assigning tasks to the team members to work on the leader’s behalf whereas empowerment is giving them the responsibility to take initiative and make their own decisions.

People can be empowered for excellence by offering proper guidance and requisite resources. You can also empower people by instilling confidence in their capability and help them mitigate barriers.

  • Corporate executives in middle and senior management
  • Founders and entrepreneurs
  • New Managers

Course Structure

  • Scenario: Importance of Delegation 01:41 min
  • Issues and Challenges in Delegation 06:09 min + PDF
  • Understanding Steps in Delegation 04:23 min + PDF
  • Whom should you Delegate to? 04:28 min + PDF
  • Scenario: Whom Should you Delegate to? 01:44 min
  • What you should and should not Delegate 04:38 min + PDF
  • Clarity on Level of Delegation 04:15 min + PDF
  • Delegation vs Empowerment 05:28 min
  • Issues and Challenges in Empowerment 04:46 min + PDF
  • Self-Reflection
  • Empowering People for Excellence 05:12 min + PDF
  • Scenario: Understanding Empowerment 02:32 min
  • Role of Human Behavior in Delegation and Empowerment 04:39 min + PDF
  • Summary 05:11 min
  • Key Points to Remember
  • Feedback Form

Your Instructor

Mr. Anshumal Dikshit was CEO, Founder and Partner of HR Mantra consulting. He had versatile experience managing people across leading MNCs. He had extensive HR and Training experience of more than 20 years across manufacturing, media, financial services, hospitality, and IT/ITES segments. He worked across India, the US and South-East Asian countries, handling teams in operations, sales and support functions. He had PGDM from Jaipuria Institute of Management, Lucknow and also went through senior leadership coaching from IIM Bangalore.
Mr. Anshumal Dikshit
Founder & Partner HRMC

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