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Developing Entrepreneurship Qualities


About the Course

Entrepreneurs are not born, instead they become by taking calculated risks and having a clear vision. They are individuals who distinguish themselves from the crowd by taking risks that are backed with responsibility and self-motivation.
Risk-taking is inherent to entrepreneurship as the entrepreneurial spirit is to all working individuals. Consequently, entrepreneurial and risk-taking skill is a must for all employees in this ever-changing business environment.
This course helps aspiring small business entrepreneurs identify and analyse entrepreneurial opportunities and enhances their entrepreneurial mindset. It is also useful for working professionals who are looking to level up their careers because when you master the entrepreneur mindset, you will begin to accomplish more goals than you ever imagined.

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Course FAQs

Entrepreneurs should be willing to take calculated risks because there is no profit without the risk. Every successful entrepreneur took a risk at one point in time to get where they are.

Some of the biggest challenges are shortage of capital and cash, having a good business plan, sticking to it, maintaining your work-life balance etc.

Entrepreneurs should never have self-doubts. It can kill dreams, long before any external factors can come into play.

By the end of this course, you will be able to identify business opportunities, take smart calculated risks and know how to develop your ntrepreneurial skills.

Of course, this will help you enhance your career as entrepreneurial skill keeps you in trend with the current changing market scenario.

Course Structure

  • Introduction, Self-Reflection 07:15 min
  • Factors to Develop Entrepreneurship 09:41 min + PDF
  • Scenario 101:55 min
  • The Entrepreneurship Triangle – Person, Context and Enterprise 07:58 min + PDF
  • The Person: Attributes of an Entrepreneur 07:35 min + PDF
  • Scenario 2 01:19 min
  • The Context for Entrepreneurship 09:53 min + PDF
  • The Enterprise 07:43 min + PDF
  • What is Corporate Entrepreneurship? 3:59 min
  • Risk-Taking: The Core to Entrepreneurship 13:05 min + PDF
  • Scenario 3 05:46 min
  • Leverages of Risks 06:20 min + PDF
  • Requirement to promote Entrepreneurship 12:49 min + PDF
  • Key Points to Remember
  • Evaluation of Investment Project: Feedback Form
  • Course Assessment

Your Instructor

With 37 years of advisory research, training, and managerial experience, Professor Piyush Sinha holds a PhD in marketing. He was a Professor in Retailing and Chairperson, Department of Marketing at Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad (IIM-A), India, till March 2018. Before IIMA, he taught at IIM Bangalore, XIMB and was Dean at MICA.
Professor Piyush Kumar Sinha
Director, CRI Advisory and Research

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