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Fundamentals of Business Analytics

About the Course

In this digital era, the most formidable challenge is to make the right decision using data. Therefore, Business Analytics is both the present and the future. Companies need to keep growing in such competitive times profitably. Business Analytics help them make better-informed decisions. 

Analytics is the process that systematically uses data to solve business problems. Analytics helps discover, interpret, and communicate meaningful patterns in data. With the help of historical data, businesses use statistical methods and technologies to gain new insights into the strategies already implemented. This results in better decision-making.

Business Analytics helps solve business problems in almost all areas like HR, sales, marketing, finance, etc. It also helps discover relationships, predict unknown outcomes, and automate decisions using data science and analytics.

Allied Market Research estimates that the Big Global Data and Business Analytics market will reach $420.98 billion by 2027, at a CAGR of 10.9%. Thus, there would be a huge demand for Business Analysts. 

With our certificate course in Business Analytics, you will acquire knowledge to improve your analytical, communication and collaborative skills. In addition, this course will help you tackle business problems using the most popular tools. 

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Course FAQs

This course will give you knowledge about Business Analytics and its importance in different sectors. In addition, it will develop your ability to analyse business problems and think critically to find creative solutions. Finally, it will help you gain experience in making strategic decisions based on market trends. Through our course, you will get insights into the scope and applications of business analytics in various domains, the most popular software/ tools used in the industry to explore, analyse and construct models on the dataset. It will also give you a career path to focus on in the field as a Business Analyst.

Business Analytics has now become a buzzword. Due to increasing competition in the business environment, organisations must make the right decisions based on the available data. Therefore, everyone involved in the decision-making process needs to understand the basics of Business Analytics. Upon completion of this course, you will also have a better idea about the role of a Business Analyst.

Industry experts have designed our course for beginners and students excited to join the Business Analytics marathon. However, this course is also beneficial for professionals looking to transition into a Business Analyst role. The deep theoretical knowledge on the topic will help you understand the complex world of Business Analytics. You will also come across different sectors/organisations using this skill to enhance innovation.

Analytics helps in decision-making by:


– Bringing in cost efficiencies

– Improving the organisation’s competitiveness

– Synchronising financial and operational strategies

– Increasing sales with decreasing operational costs

– Reduced time to market and improved operational efficiencies

– Higher productivity and effective collaboration across the value chain

  • Corporate Executives in Junior, Middle or Senior Levels
  • Entrepreneurs/Founders/Academicians
  • Those aiming for leadership roles in the future
  • Those looking out for creative and innovative solutions to problems
  • Students

Course Structure


  • What is Business Analytics? 10:06 min + PDF
  • Stages and Life Cycle of the Business Analytics 00:56 min + PDF
  • Stage 1: Data Management 05:16 min + PDF
  • Stage 2: Reporting 04:14 min + PDF
  • Stage 3: Analysis and Insights 02:18 min
  • Stage 4: Predictive Analysis 07:17 min + PDF
  • Stage 5: Prescriptive Analysis 02:57 min + PDF
  • Different Segments of Analytics 08:48 min + PDF
  • Industry Based Practice Tools 08:46 min + PDF
  • What is Data? 01:43 min
  • Difference Between Structured and Unstructured Data 09:48 min + PDF
  • How to find the relevant Data- The Refugee Camp Case Part 1 13:02 min
  • How to find the relevant Data- The Refugee Camp Case Part 2 09:41 min
  • 5Vs of Big Data 11:24 min + PDF
  • Analytics Offerings for Various Industry Needs 02:59 min + PDF
  • Value Chain BFSI 04:42 min + PDF
  • Value Chain Travel 007:14 min + PDF
  • Telecom Value Chain 05:14 min + PDF
  • CPG & Retail Value Chain 11:37 min + PDF
  • Media Value Chain 06:00 min + PDF
  • Energy, Resources and Utilities Value Chain 07:43 min + PDF
  • Healthcare and Life science Value Chain 08:39 min + PDF
  • Manufacturing Value Chain 07:27 min + PDF
  • Analytics Offering for Industry Needs:  Summary 02:14 min + PDF

Your Instructor

Mr. N M Sharma has over 30 years of corporate experience. He has set up Global ITES, Analytics CoEs and Analytics Hubs. Before this, he was with Tata Consultancy Services as Vice President & Head of Analytics.

He built a team from a one-person to 5000 Analytics experts globally. He has worked across industry verticals like FMCG, Retail, Telecom, Manufacturing, Travel, Hospitality.

Mr. N M Sharma

Founder and CEO
Phygital Insights Pvt. Ltd

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