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Financial Planning for Retirement


About the Course

The best way to plan your retirement is to start saving financially for it. This course offers you financial advice to lead a hassle-free life post-retirement.
It provides you with tips on saving money in your 40s to live a luxurious retirement life in your 60s. In addition, the course explores the various instruments and choices you can use to deploy your savings and helps you calculate your financial needs through financial calculators.
As a working individual, this course will help you manage your money for future financial needs, save money for your child’s education, marriage, health emergencies etc.

03 hrs 04 mins

05 Modules

09 Handouts

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Course FAQs

It is never too early to start planning for retirement. Ideally, it would help to begin planning by your 20s when you receive your first paycheck. So, the best time is now.

There is no fixed amount to save for retirement. However, experts recommend keeping 10 % to 15% of your annual pre-tax income aside yearly. Also, the percentage might vary the closer you are to retirement.

To determine how much you will need in retirement, you need to understand how much you will spend. Then, to reach a reasonable conclusion, you can counsel financial advisors to calculate the expected inflation, spending habits, and life expectancy.

Planning for retirement ensures financial stability, adds as an additional source of income and allows you to live comfortably fulfilling your aspirations. Therefore, it is a must in one’s financial planning.

  • Entrepreneurs, Founders, CEO, COO, Managing Director
  • Corporate executives who want to climb the corporate ladder
  • Any Professional/Student who aims to bring creativity in their lives

Course Structure

  • Debt and Equity 23:05 min + PDF
  • Why Should I Invest? 13:08 min + PDF
  • Factors Affecting Investment 17:40 min + PDF
  • Wonders of Compounding & SIP 12:31 min + PDF
  • Financial Calculators 16:41 min
  • Retirement Calculators: Self Reflection
  • Child Marriage: Self Reflection
  • Children Education Planner: Self Reflection
  • Present Value Calculator
  • Debt Instruments 20:10 min + PDF
  • Equity Instruments 22:31 min + PDF
  • Tax 17:07 min + PDF
  • Real Estate 20:27 min + PDF
  • Portfolio Rebalancing 03:35 min
  • Feedback Form: Financial Planning for Retirement

Your Instructor

Mr. Pankaj Sidana is an expert of repute in financial and investment planning. His expertise includes financial consultancy that encompasses portfolio management, tax planning, risk management, industrial insurance, and health insurance.
Mr. Pankaj Sidana
Director, Money Expert

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