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Rating (2882)
Assured Certification
Rating (2882)

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Women: A Key Differentiator

Gender Equality Today for a Sustainable Tomorrow


Women: A Key Differentiator

Gender Equality Today for a Sustainable Tomorrow

Assured Certification
Rating (2882)

About the Course

Gender inequality has been traditionally engraved in our psyche by various factors like: our lifestyle, social values, traditions and culture. This program addresses the root cause and it prepares us for change in our society and workplace to overcome gender discrimination, inequality, patriarchy with suitable stories, illustrations and videos in a very simple and effective manner.

01 hr 40 mins

15 Modules

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Course FAQs

Gender Equality is a principle that states that all men and women need to be treated equally and have the same rights despite their biological differences. Aligning with the current scenario, this program at iJaipuria will teach you a gender analysis framework and help you understand laws and policies to counter the discrimination of women.

Gender equality is essential for economic prosperity. It makes our communities safer and healthier and prevents violence against women and girls. Countries with greater gender equality are more connected and inclusive. Their people are healthier and have better well-being.

In this program, we talk about 

  • You will understand about gender sensitisation
  • Learn about women empowerment history in India
  • Know about laws and policies to counter discrimination against women
  • Also, learn about how to bring gender equality to your surrounding.

Decision-making is more reflective of collective interests. Where there is more gender equality, there is more peace. You will get a higher level of life satisfaction.

  • Corporate Executives in Middle or Senior Levels
  • Students/Entrepreneurs
  • Those looking to improve upon themselves and their surrounding
  • Those looking to promote equality in their community

Course Structure

  • Introduction To Gender Difference 02:21 min + PDF
  • Short Film: Every Girl Should Watch This! Stop Gender Discrimation 05:00 min
  • Part 2: What Is Gender Difference? 01:55 min
  • Short Film: Tamanna 06:37 min
  • Part 3: What Is Gender Difference? 02:16 min + PDF
  • Women’s Empowerment In India 08:25 min + PDF
  • From Discrimination To Equality 04:57 min +PDF
  • Introduction To Gender Analysis 09:30 min + PDF
  • Short Film: Yes We Can 03:39 min
  • Short Film: Dismantle Patriarchy 01:36 min
  • Part 2: Gender Analysis 01:38 min + PDF
  • Gender Equality And Men 09:12 min + PDF
  • Part 1: Analysis Of Change 00:37 min
  • Short Film: Indian Air Force Ek Ladki Hoon Main 01:07 min
  • Part 2: Analysis Of Change  01:42 min + PDF
  • Short Film: Yes, We Can – Writing My Own Tradition 03:20 min
  • Part 3: Analysis Of Change 04:27 min
  • Part 4: Analysis Of Change 02:12 min
  • Part 1: Achieving Gender Equality At Home 00:31 min
  • Self Reflection: Analyzing Your Reality
  • Part 2: Achieving Gender Equality At Home 00:36 min + PDF
  • Self Reflection: Your Opinion About These Statements
  • Part 3: Achieving Gender Equality At Home 00:35 min + PDF
  • Part 1: Bystander Interventions 00:24 min
  • Short Film: Why Girls Should Raise Their Voice Against Harassment 05:02 min
  • Part 2: Bystander Interventions  00:49 min
  • Short Film: SNN – Man Arrested For Sexual Assault At Westfield Siesta Key Mall 00:57 min
  • Part 3: Bystander Interventions 00:25 min
  • Short Film: What Will You Do If You See A Girl Being Harassed? 05:03 min
  • Part 4: Bystander Interventions 01:09 min
  • Part 1: Gender Equality At Workplace 00:27 min
  • Short Film: That’s Harassment | The Boss Ft. Zazie Beetz & David Schwimmer 04:44 min
  • Part 2: Gender Equality At Workplace 02:25 min +PDF
  • Self Reflection: Preparing For Change At Workplace
  • Part 3: Gender Equality At Workplace 02:56 min + PDF
  • Summary 01:51 min
  • Additional Readings
  • Your Feedback Matters
  • Course Assessment

Your Instructor

Dr. Abhijit Das is a researcher and one of the global pioneers on involving men for gender equality. He is a Director of the Centre for Health and Social Justice(CHSJ) in India and Clinical Associate Professor of the Department of Global Health at the University of Washington, Seattle, USA. He has been an invited speaker on many national and international platforms, including the United Nations and the European Union. In addition, he is associated as an advisor with various policy-making bodies in India, including the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and the National Human Rights Commission.
Dr. Abhijit Das
Director: Centre for Health and Social Justice

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