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Strategic Management for Professionals


About the Course

80% of the organisations fail to achieve the vision because they don’t properly execute their strategies. Therefore, businesses need leaders who can create inspiring visions and have a solid strategic orientation to achieve the desired goals.
Leaders and managers should clearly understand the organisation’s mission and set the vision and values to guide its actions. Strategic management also requires monitoring the activities of competitors, reviewing the organisation’s internal structure, evaluating current strategies and implementing and changing plans accordingly.
This online course will help you create inspiring vision statements that will serve as a guiding star for your organisation to follow. This program will also help anticipate future problems and opportunities and result in faster and better decision making.

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Course FAQs

A good vision statement is short and crisp and states the organisation’s future. It should also give a vivid picture of what your business will look like in the future.

Some of the challenges in visioning are: 


-It may limit innovation

-You can sometimes lose touch with reality 

-Not able to tell the difference between vision and business goals 


This course will teach you how to create inspiring vision statements, characteristics of a good vision statement, business strategies of key organisations, and strategic orientation.

A vision statement can be drafted by the staff, the board, a team consisting of both or even a larger group with team representatives.

You can develop strategic orientation by seeking inspiration from outside your business industry, learning from your team members, aligning your focus and organisational focus and monitoring and evaluating your actions.

Course Structure

  • Scenario 1: What is Vision and Mission? 01:35 min + PDF
  • Setting Vision for the Leaders 04:23 min
  • Visioning Exercise 04:14 min + PDF
  • Characteristics of Visioning Statements 02:56 min + PDF
  • Characteristics of Vision Statement and Leader’s Checklist 08:07 min
  • Scenario 2: Jack Welch 02:55 min
  • Inspiring Vision Statements 08:08 min
  • Scenario 3: Southwest Airlines 02:16 min
  • Developing Visioning Skills: Issues and Challenges 11:33 min + 2 PDF
  • Inspiring Leaders 08:15 min
  • Strategic Orientation 09:40 min + PDF
  • Business Strategies of Key Organisations 14:10 min
  • Scenario 4: Vision Statement of Successful Companies 01:33 min
  • Summarisation 03:49 min
  • Key Points to Remember
  • Feedback Form
  • Course Assessment

Your Instructor

Mr. Avadhesh Dixit is a global HR leader with more than 20 years of HR experience. He has worked with companies such as TCS (London) as Head – Employee Engagement & OD, CMC Ltd, Head Global HR, and GE Capital in India. In addition, he is working as Vice President & Head Human Resources in Moody’s Corporation (India) and CHRO of Global HR & CSR Function for Moody’s Analytics Knowledge Services. He has also volunteered as chief mentor and advisor to Socio Story Foundation since January 2019.
Mr. Avadhesh Dixit
Global HR Leader

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