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Sales Playbook

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About the Program

Sales is among the most challenging and demanding careers, and becoming the best is no easy task. However, all salespeople are judged on the results they achieve. Therefore, a salesperson needs to succeed at each stage of the selling process and build relationships for future business. iJaipuria’s Sales Playbook can help you  with just that. It provides proven sales strategies, tactics and best practices. 

This carefully crafted playbook aims to improve productivity by giving sales reps the winning strategies to help them succeed at each stage of the selling process. Ultimately, this enables you to win more business and become a super salesperson. 

There has never been more pressure on revenue teams than now. Our playbook can help underperforming reps understand what A-players are doing differently. It can also help new reps ramp to total productivity in a fraction of the time.

10 hrs 13 mins

04 Modules

27 Handouts

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Program Structure​

  • Introduction to Instructor 
  • Introduction to the Course 
  • The Sales Mastery: Self Reflection
  • Sales: A Great Career Option 
  • The Sales Profession has Changed 
  • What is Selling? 
  • Preparation for a Career in Sales 
  • Sales Call the Door Opener
  • Why Do Customers Buy? 
  • Types of Needs 
  • How to Create a Powerful Value Proposition? 
  • How to Uncover Needs? 
  • How to Uncover Needs? – Scenario 
  • How to Present a Solution? 
  • How to Gain Commitment?
  • Types of Customer Attitude
  • How to handle a Positive Prospect? 
  • How to handle a Questioning Prospect? 
  • How to handle a Silent Prospect? 
  • How to handle a Dislike Prospect? 
  • How to handle a Dislike Prospect? – Scenario
  • Online Sales Call 
  • The Job of Selling Never Ends 
  • 8 Mantras to Sales Mastery 
  • Managing Change in this VUCA World 
  • Ever-Evolving Salesperson 
  • 7 Pillars of Success in Sales 
  • Measure to Succeed in Sales 
  • Be a Mentor and Coach 
  • The Sales-Oath 
  • The Sales Mastery: Summary 
  • Feedback Form: The Sales Mastery
  • Key Points to Remember
  • Course Assessment
  • FAQs answered by the Instructor from the Webinar
  • Bonus Video Content: 7 Webinar Questions answered by Instructor
  • The All-pervasiveness of Negotiation
  • The Method of Negotiation
  • Important Negotiation Skills
  • How to Prepare Skilfully
  • Introduction
  • Stage 1: Prepare
  • Stage 2: Information Exchange
  • Stage 3: Bargain
  • Stage 4: Conclude
  • Stage 5: Execute
  • Introduction
  • Distributive & Integrative Negotiations
  • Introduction
  • Avoid Being Provoked Into an Emotional Response
  • Don’t Abandon Value-Creating Strategies
  • Use Time to Your Advantage
  • What to Consider
  • What to Consider: Goals
  • What to Consider: Alternatives & Consequences
  • What to Consider: Power & Relationships
  • Introduction
  • Competing: I Win, You Lose
  • Collaborating: We Both Win
  • Accommodating: I Lose or Give In
  • Avoiding: Not Me, Not Today
  • Assertiveness, Cooperativeness and Persuasiveness
  • Introduction
  • Soft Negotiation
  • Hard Negotiation
  • Principled Negotiation
  • Introduction
  • Not in the Agenda
  • The Resource Crunch
  • No Precedent
  • Comparison
  • Nibbling
  • The Slow Coach
  • Limits/No Time
  • Good Guy/Bad Guy
  • The Insider
  • Introduction
  • The Long-time Challenges 
  • Essential Strategies Essential Strategies: Part 1 
  • Essential Strategies: Part 2
  • Conclusion
  • Pillars of Personal Effectiveness
  • Key Aspects of Personal Effectiveness
  • Learning Ability
  • Stress Management
  • Scenario: Time Management
  • Self-Confidence
  • Flexibility
  • Time Management
  • Scenario: The Four D’s
  • Dealing with Failures
  •  The Art of Influencing People
  • Scenario: Introduction to Influencing
  • The Art of Listening
  • Leadership by Influence
  • The Four Keys to Influence Effectively
  • How to be a Master Communicator: Introduction
  • Fundamentals of Communication
  • Verbal Communication and There Types
  • Tips and Tricks for Effective Communication


  • Nonverbal Communication Through Positive Body Languages
  • Nonverbal Communication Through Facial Expressions and Body Languages
  • How to Improve Your Tone of Voice
  • How to Talk Confidently / Best Tips and Tricks

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