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Recruitment & Selection


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Every organisation aims at financial success & growth, and Human resources are the most critical resource to achieve this goal. The purpose of the Recruitment and Selection process in HRM is to identify and hire the best performing candidate from a pool of many efficient applicants. Recruitment is searching for prospective employees and encouraging them to apply for jobs in an organisation. In contrast, Selection is a managerial decision to predict which job applicants will be successful if hired.
This course will introduce you to the Human Resource Planning Process and the importance of Human Resource Planning. In addition, this course will teach you about the roles of a recruiter and the sources of Recruitment that best fit today’s time and age. You will also be able to learn the Selection process, which includes Selection tests that help you find the perfect candidate for a job role in an organisation.

Course FAQs

This course will acquaint you with the Human Resource Planning Process, which comprises the Recruitment and Selection of candidates fit to be hired by an organisation for a job role. This course will teach you the functions of a recruiter and inform you about the various sources a recruiter uses to attract candidates to apply for a job vacancy. Finally, it will help you understand the importance of Selection and teach you about several Selection tests that help find the perfect candidate to be hired.

The Recruitment and Selection course by iJaipuria is a Human Resource Planning Process template. Therefore, basic knowledge of the business language and a background in Business Management are desired for this course.

Upon completing this course, learners should be able to further enhance their careers by designing the best-suited Recruitment and Selection process for their organisation. The concepts taught in this course will help learners hire and retain the right candidate for their organisation and influence business outcomes such as productivity and financial success. 

This course is best suited for Management students and fresher’s who wish to start their careers as a recruiter. HR professionals looking for a job rotation and hoping to take up the role of a recruiter can also attend this course. Lastly, any HR professional looking for Job Enrichment and wanting to upgrade their skills should enrol for this course.

Course Structure

  • Goals & Priorities in Recruitment 02:40
  • Objectives of an HR Recruiter 04:47
  • Defining Job Requirements 04:02
  • Internal Sources 05:59
  • External Sources 13:54
  • Importance of Selection 04:09
  • Phases of Selection Process 02:42
  • Steps in Selection Process 06:01
  • Types of Selection Tests 05:34
  • Selection Interview 07:44
  • Conclusion 01:20

Your Instructor

Dr Priyam Dhani is a Certified Emotional Intelligence Specialist and a PhD in Management. She is an MBA specialising in Human Resource Management and Marketing and has Diplomas in Human Resource Development, Personnel Management & Labour Welfare. During her academic years, she has taken courses on Organizational Behaviour, Business Communication, and Project Management and taken Language Lab for B-Tech Students.
Her research interests lie in the areas of Organizational Psychology, particularly Emotional Intelligence, Job Performance and Organisational Behaviour. She has authored/ co-authored several book chapters and published over ten research articles. In addition, she has presented many papers at various international conferences and organised/participated in several workshops. She is a member of the Consortium for Research on Emotional Intelligence in Organisations and won the Best Young Researcher Award.
Dr Priyam Dhani
EI Specialist | Corporate Trainer | OB Researcher

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