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Python For Everyone: Beginners Level


About the Course

Python is one of the most used languages nowadays. It is widely used in almost all domains, including Data Science, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Web Development, etc. And the top companies like Apple, Facebook, Netflix, etc., use python programming language.
This course, Python For Everyone: Beginners Level, is designed considering experienced and newbie candidates in the programming field.
This course will dive you towards the concepts of Python through theoretical as well as practical knowledge. And this course will focus on project-based learning and will help you to do projects with the help of Python.
The course covers the following vital topics
  • Why You Should Learn Python
  • Why People Prefer Python
  • How to Use Environments
  • The Concepts of Object-oriented Programming Language, and
  • Three Projects

03 hrs 20 mins

18 Modules

05 Assignments


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Course FAQs

This course is for anyone who aims to pursue their career in any of the fields like Data Science, Machine Learning, AI, and Deep Learning.

The course Python for everyone-Beginners level with ijaipuria will help you to gain a better understanding of python

programming language with the help of theoretical and practical implementations. And even this course will help with the idea

and implementation of making projects using python.

After the completion of this course,

  1. you will be able to solve the coding problems on your own
  2. you will be able to build logic for the problems on your own
  3. you will be able to make projects using python on your own

Any one like Students and working professionals can attend this course and study python to  learn or upscale themselves in

the respective domains.

Yes, this course covers the practical implementation of each and every topic taught in the module and you will get some assignment as well at the end of the course to solve it for a better understanding of the topics.

This course Python for everyone-Beginners level does not require any prerequisites related to coding or python. You should have a computer with you and a stable internet connection with you so as to experience wonderful learning of the course.

What You'll Learn

  • Create Fully Functional Python Programs
  • Understand User Input
  • Learn About Loop Structures and Conditionals
  • Correctly Execute Operations in Python
  • Work With Python File Handling
  • Create and Modify Data Structures in Python
  • Manipulate Strings and Data

Course Structure

  • Part 1: Intro to Google Colab 03:56
  • Part 2: Writing Your First Program 03:45
  • Part 1: Arithmetic Operator 07:15
  • Part 2: Assignment Operator 03:34
  • Part 3: Conditional Operator 05:49
  • Part 4: Logical Operator 07:06
  • Assignment and Solution
  • Part 1: Syntax Error 04:10
  • Part 2: Logical Error 03:59
  • Part 1: What Are Keywords ? 03:26
  • Part 2: What Are Identifiers ? 02:24
  • Part 3: Rules for Writing Identifiers 03:33
  • Part 1: What Are Data Types ? 05:51
  • Part 2: Type Casting and Its Types 06:00
  • Assignment and Solution
  • Part 1: String Functions 10:01
  • Part 1: What Are Lists ? 06:55
  • Part 2: What Are Tuples ? 03:46
  • Part 3: What Are Dictionaries ? 04:32
  • Part 1: What Is if-else ? 05:21
  • Part 2: What Is Elif ? 05:43
  • Assignment and Solution
  • Part 1: For Loop 05:15
  • Part 2: While Loop 04:55
  • Part 1: Break Statement 05:16
  • Part 2: Continue Statement 04:35
  • Part 1: What Are Functions and It’s Types 02:56
  • Part 2: Built-in Functions 03:06
  • Part 3: User-defined Functions 03:56
  • Part 4: Docstrings 04:35
  • Assignment and Solution
  • Part 1: What Are Try and Except Functions 07:59
  • Part 1: What Are Global Variables 05:23
  • Part 2: What Are Local Variables 03:55
  • Part 1: What Are Lambda Functions 06:31
  • Part 1: What Is Recursion 06:35
  • Part 2: Example for Recursion 04:28
  • Part 1: if __name__ == “__main__” Explanation 06:27
  • Assignment and Solution
  • Part 1:Secure Your Password Using Python 10:33
  • Summary

Your Instructor

Shambhavi Gupta is one of the youngest data science and machine learning educators and a speaker at Josh Talks. She works with top companies in India as a video content creator and SME. And she is the founder of the YT channel FUN WITH DATA SCIENCE
Shambhavi Gupta
Youngest Data Science and ML Educator

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