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Public Speaking From Scratch


About the Course

Public speaking is a massive part of our lives. It can be used in the classroom, workplace, and with friends at social gatherings. If you want to improve your communication skills, try this course. It will enhance your confidence and help you think on your feet.
This course is for students or professionals interested in learning public speaking in the most engaging way. You will master essential techniques for delivering a speech without any stress.
The public speaking course is designed to help improve your confidence in speaking before any crowd. In addition, it aims to build your communication skills and imparts the technique for understanding how to be more effective when conveying your message.

02:00 Hours

6 Modules

42 Handouts

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Course Structure

  • Why Public Speaking1:02 min
  • When Do We Need Public Speaking
  • Types Of Public Speeches
  • Formats Of Public Presence
  • Parts Of Speech
  • Process Breakdown
  • Plan
  • The Begining
  • The Body
  • The End
  • Editing
  • What Is A Story And Why Should It Be A Part Of Your Speech
  • Painting A Picture For Your Audience
  • Taking Your Audience On A Journey With You
  • Mental Milestones
  • Point Of View
  • Non-verbal Cues – Hand Gestures, Tone & Pitch
  • Smile
  • A Tiny Dot
  • Greatest Friend/enemy
  • The Frame Of Actions
  • Test It Before
  • Join Public Speaking Groups & Forums
  • Why Should You Write The Speech
  • Impromptu Speaking Practice
  • Do Not Just Listen – Attempt

Your Instructor

Hi, I’m Souvik Mukherjee. I’ve spent 1000s hours on stage. So here’s how I can help you: I’ve always been afraid of public speaking, but I decided to change that. This journey of the past 9 years has taken me from an introvert in the corner of the room to the life of the party.
To overcome my fears, I spent as much time as I could manage on every stage I could find. I’ve won storytelling, debating, poetry and impromptu speaking competitions; I have been on panel discussions and invited by top universities to deliver keynote addresses and hundreds of presentations at business conferences. I am a published author and successfully run a high-level ghostwriting company.
I’ve applied much of what I’ve learned hard through my journey in this course. This course is direct, no-nonsense techniques which have helped me improve over the years, and I hope it will also benefit you.
What other students are saying:
“I could speak confidently for the 1st time in front of investors” – Adarsh, Entrepreneur.
“My audiences were engaged and I enjoyed myself thoroughly. Souvik helped me to realise that public speaking can be fun too” – Anthony, a Working professional
“This course is great. I delivered a presentation in class yesterday and got an A. Thank you Souvik” – Shalini, College student
Souvik Mukherjee

Entrepreneur and Public Speaking Coach

Course FAQs

Anyone who wants to start their public speaking journey or wants to know what goes into becoming a confident public speaker should take this course.

There are no prerequisites; as long as you can read, write and speak English, you can take this course.

This course is designed for beginners to start their journey towards public speaking; you will learn what goes into constructing a speech, storytelling and a few vital tips and tricks for online and offline public speaking.

Whether you are a student, working professional, entrepreneur or anyone who wishes to start their public speaking journey, this course will help you to understand what actions you need to take, processes to follow, mistakes to avoid, and tips to excel at public speaking.

Apart from the obvious public speaking forums and stage, the other places are at any gathering or corporate presentations, even at parties or delivering toasts during informal events – public speaking skills are essential in every walk of life.

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