Evaluation of Investment Project

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Speaker: Anurag Bhatnagar

Evaluation of Investment Projects is an integral part of financial planning and decision making.

The program discusses the various facets of evaluating the Investment Projects, Capital Budgeting and FourPillars of an Investment Decision. It also helps you understand -What is payback period, what are its merits and demerits, why is internal rate of return important, what is opportunity cost, how to understand profitability index. Concepts of Discounted Pay Back Period (DPP), Discounted Cash Flow (DCF), Internal Rate of Return (IRR), Accounting Rate of Return (APV) and Profitability Index are discussed in details.

This program is designed to help participants develop their skills so that they are able to make high-quality, objective decisions regarding evaluation of investment projects. The Program provides insights through invaluable video sessions, tools, techniques, self-reflections and case studies to imbibe and internalize these competencies.

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