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Performance Acceleration Techniques


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97% of employees feel frustrated at work! Research by Staples reported in HRGrapevines with an incredible statistic.
The fact is everyone wants to grow, they want to perform, they want success, and they must; however, to achieve all these, they keep everything at stake, and at the end of the day, they lose the quality and meaning of life. Still, they find no choice altogether because either they need to perform or if they focus on other aspects of life, they feel that they may lose credibility and performance in their career.
Here is the solution!! Discover the secret of high achievers with the course – Performance Acceleration Techniques. This course will help you to tap into your true potential & raise your performance to the optimum level in your career and life. Here you find the actual meaning of life and make the most of it.
Join the Performance Acceleration Technique Course to make your life Happy with Professional Heights !!

Course FAQs

This course will teach you about Performance Acceleration and its importance in your life and career. This course will develop your ability to perform high in every part of life. Finally, it will help you gain mental & physical fitness, which will help you perform better. It covers how performance is driven and the facts behind it. Through our course, you will get insights into life and career and how it plays a role in driving performance. You will get success and professional height along with happiness in life. It will teach you a practical approach to boosting performance.

You can multiply your performance at any level you want by following the practices explained in the course.

Performance Acceleration Techniques course is highly recommended for all budding professionals, and even anyone can join, including students and homemakers, because everyone wants fitness in life and, in parallel, needs to perform at a high standard to get recognition in the respective society.

Course Structure

  • Clarity of Vision 10:54
  • Areas to be Focused 11:22
  • Plan Your Task in Advance 08:19
  • TAT Line Setting Strategies 08:18
  • Be Energetic 15:21
  • Time Management 15:35
  • Concentration 16:50
  • Master Your Key Area 06:51
  • Argument – A Killer of Productivity 07:33
  • Live in Present 09:57
  • SWOT 08:10
  • Closing Notes 10:59

Your Instructor

Nitesh Raj is a Super Productivity Coach | Entrepreneur | Founder of ReformtoPerforrm, and Author of “Karma Mantra – A Message for Working People from Bhagwat Geeta”. He is reaching out to many Youngsters and helping them tap their true potential and reform to perform. He is educating on Performance Acceleration Standards™. Believe in making Life Happy with Professional Heights. Nitesh Raj is driven by his passion for awakening and empowering individuals; he has imparted knowledge and addressed several individuals and Corporates. He has experience of more than a decade in the Training and Development team, making people high performers.
His experience with Genpact, Bank of America and other corporates made him stand tall, and he has a rich background of experience.
He has done global projects, international recognition, and numerous High Performers & championships awards.
Nitesh Raj
Super Productivity Coach

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