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Oratory and Public Speaking Mastery


About the Course

Oratory and Public Speaking may sound to many as an elitist program meant for leaders only. But little do we realize, we all speak at some place or other, whether on a public stage or at a private event. And that’s when we realize how underprepared we are.
People prefer death to walking up onto a stage and speaking. Quite literally. Fear of “Public Speaking” has been ranked higher than the fear of death. But what makes it so hard a nut to crack ? Surprisingly, it’s got nothing to do with one’s talents and more to do with preparation. Here comes the missing piece- Mentoring. Anyone and everyone is capable of speaking like a pro if mentored well. Period. A mentor provides for all of that is essential to achieve all that is meant to achieve. This course is precisely that.
Often, courses are filled with more motivation and less tools. Here, that part has been well taken care of. By the end of the course the learner shall graduate with practically implementable strategies.
Welcome to the art of oratory and science of public speaking!

3 hrs 5 mins

12 Modules


12 Months Access

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Course Structure

  • Fundamentals Of Oratory And Public Speaking 11:53
  • Oratory And Public Speaking Has Got Lots To Do With English 2:54
  • Good Speakers Are Born 1:54
  • There Is No Scope Of Public Speaking For Common People 2:59
  • Relevance And Significance Of Self-Identity In Oratory And Public Speaking 4:26
  • Deconstructing Different Levels Of Self-Identity 3:17
  • Reconstructing Judgment Free Self Identity 5:07
  • What Is Fear ? Is It Good, Is It Bad? 2:24
  • Identifying Root Of Fear In Oratory And Public Speaking 2:14
  • Accepting The Cause Without Judgment 3:30
  • Calming Down The Nervous System 7:00
  • Understanding The Anatomy Of An Audience 4:44
  • Making Sense Of A Given Audience 4:36
  • Differentiating Between A Casual And A Formal Audience 7:28
  • Decoding The Anatomy Of A Topic 7:12
  • Preparing With Sincerity 9:21
  • Show Time: Pull Up Your Socks 4:53
  • Stage Or No Stage Is Irrelevant 2:37
  • Modulating Voice To Create Unique Identity 9:05
  • Delivering With Ease: Getting Rid Of Patchwords, Fillers And Awkward Silences 8:29
  • Positive And Smart Body Language 13:46
  • Power Of Imagination And Other Techniques 6:56
  • Story Hook (Never Memorize Again) 3:29
  • Handling An Impromptu Like A Pro 6:22
  • Art Of Friendliness With An Audience 4:52
  • Science Of Relatability And Building Rapport 5:45
  • Handling Objection of Difficult Audience Without Losing It 5:55
  • Go Back To Where You Started 2:55
  • Signature Style 1:57
  • Closing Message 3:18
  • Skills Part 1 4:33
  • Skills Part 2 4:31
  • Conclusion 9:46

Your Instructor

Madhav’s core specialty is mentoring students of various backgrounds and ages in Public Speaking, Professional Communication, and Impact Writing. He has been involved in public life since a young age. For at least two decades, his engagements have included debates, panel discussions, declamation, elocution, and personality pageant presentations.
His professional experiences in various organizations and positions strengthen his profile. From All India Radio to Wipro BPO, from grassroots NGO programmes backed by Axis bank Foundation, DFID-UK, etc., dealing with top-level funding organizations such as CAF India and Orbis International, he has held several critical positions.
He currently coaches and individually advises students of all Professional Communication and Public Speaking levels. He is also a regular expert on the platform for learning English communication, EngVarta. He is also qualified as a writer by SixPL, a content writing organization. He has published articles and blogs for websites such as,, and, among others.

Communication Mentor & Public Speaking Coach

Course FAQs

Oratory and Public Speaking is the art of speaking impressively. It could be in a public forum or at a private event.

Each of us speaks to get our work done. Whether converting a lead into a client or making a presentation at the office, or even just to make a strong presence at a private party. We need to learn to be great speakers to make that happen.

In a way everything can be learnt without a teacher or a mentor. But with a mentor it is undoubtedly easier, smarter, less time consuming and definitely less confusing.

You will get an email and a WhatsApp confirmation from our end within 5 minutes of the payment completion. In the confirmation message, you will get your login credentials to the Dashboard, where you can watch the Oratory and Public Speaking Mastery course at your convenience.

All that is necessary to become a smart, confident and a mature speaker. The science of speaking, the tools to calm you down, control over your speech and lots more.

There is no qualification needed except for a burning desire to complete the course and use the knowledge later on.

If speaking has been your weakness, if that promotion is stuck because of  your bad speaking quality, if your presence in your office or at a private event is not felt because your speaking skills are not up to the mark, then this course will definitely help you in getting better at speaking.

If a student sincerely takes the course and applies all the knowledge then, smart body language, voice modulation, getting rid of fillers, patchwords and silences, and overall confidence shall surely improve.

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