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Microsoft Ads Masterclass


About the Course

In this course, you will learn everything about Microsoft Ads with video lessons on every campaign and every feature of Microsoft Ads. In addition, you will get to see the actual, practical implementation of creating every campaign and using every element of this product.
This is the most detailed course on Microsoft Ads you will ever find on the internet. There are different sections based on various topics of Microsoft Ads. In each section, there is an in-depth explanation of the concepts of each feature and how to practically implement it in Microsoft Ads.
This course will help you become capable of applying these concepts in building your own online business or handling Microsoft Ads accounts of your clients.

03 hrs 50 mins

19 Modules

01 MCQs


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09 Assignments

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Topics You Will Learn in This Course

  • Microsoft Ads Overview
  • Keyword Research
  • Microsoft Ads Formats
  • Microsoft Ads Extensions
  • Bidding Strategies
  • Audience Network
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Remarketing Campaign
  • Shopping Campaign
  • Mobile App Campaign
  • Dimensions, Reports, Saved Custom Reports
  • Shared Library
  • Automated Rules, Microsoft Ads Editor
  • Keyword Planner Tool, Ad Preview & Diagnostics Tool
  • Experiment Campaign
  • Agency Management
  • Microsoft Ads Resources
  • Microsoft Ads Certifications

Course FAQs

Microsoft Ads is an advertising product of Microsoft with the help of which online businesses across the globe can advertise their products & services online.

It helps to advertise products & services across millions of websites across the internet. Through these ads millions of people get to know about these products & services and companies are able to generate revenue.

Microsoft Ads help to reach out to customers directly with the help of paid ads. It is able to generate a huge amount of revenue for companies.

Microsoft Ads is used by millions of companies, agencies, and start-ups across the world. If you know how to run Microsoft Ads accounts, you can work as an expert in any of these organizations.

  • Entrepreneurs Who Are Starting Their New Business
  • Existing Businesses Who Want To Try Google Ads To Check How It Helps To Boost Sales
  • Professionals Who Are Working In The Field Of PPC & Want To Upskill Their Knowledge About Google Ads
  • Young Professionals Who Are Entering Into The Field Of Digital Marketing

Course Structure

  • Keywords Research 10:21
  • Keyword Match Types 7:25
  • Negative Keywords 5:46
  • Search Terms 4:49
  • Keyword Assignment
  • Microsoft Ads Formats Overview 7:53
  • RSA 4:04
  • ETA 3:26
  • App Install Ad 3:17
  • Multimedia Ad 3:57
  • Microsoft Ads Extensions Overview 07:10
  • Action Extensions 2:17
  • App Extensions 2:33
  • Call Extensions 1:46
  • Callout Extensions 01:34
  • Filter Link Extensions 2:28
  • Image Extensions 1:58
  • Location Extensions 1:46
  • Price Extensions 3:19
  • Promotion Extensions 2:28
  • Review Extensions 1:53
  • Sitelink Extensions 2:34
  • Structured Snippet Extensions 1:48
  • Video Extensions 3:26
  • Ads assignment
  • Ads Extension assignment
  • Bidding Strategies 5:58
  • Maximize Clicks 1:35
  • Maximize Conversions 1:11
  • Target Impression Share 2:12
  • Target CPA 1:22
  • Target ROAS 1:20
  • Enhanced CPC 1:13
  • Bidding Strategy Assignment
  • Microsoft Audience Network 2:37
  • In-Market 2:43
  • Remarketing Lists 3:56
  • Combined Lists 3:31
  • Dynamic Remarketing Lists 3:32
  • Conversion Tracking Overview 2:10
  • UET Tag 4:17
  • Offline Conversions 3:51
  • Remarketing Overview 2:38
  • Remarketing Campaign Creation Assignment
  • Shopping Ads Overview 2:37
  • Setting up Microsoft Merchant Center Feed 3:58
  • Mobile App Campaign Creation 5:19
  • App Campaign Creation Assignment
  • Business Location Feed 2:42
  • Performance Targets 3:04
  • Website Exclusion Lists 2:46
  • Shared Budgets 2:03
  • Portfolio Bid Strategies Assignment span> 2:32
  • Labels 2:38
  • Seasonality Adjustment 3:06
  • Automated Rules 6:23
  • Microsoft Advertising Editor 3:29
  • Ad Preview & Diagnostic 3:02
  • Import Campaigns 2:54
  • Experiment Campaign Creation 4:50
  • Agency Management 4:13
  • Microsoft Ads Resources 3:09
  • Practice Test – 20 MCQs
  • Microsoft Ads Certifications 1:53

Your Instructor

Tanmoy Kr. Das is an IIM Kozhikode alumni. He started his career with Google in 2007 as the account manager for Business Industrial Market clients based in the US. He managed Google Ads accounts for small, medium and large clients and received multiple awards- Impact Award & Gold Award, to name a few.
He has been teaching Google Ads & Microsoft Ads to young professionals since 2014 and has trained more than 8000 students so far. He has also worked with PPC Automation company – Optmyzr as a senior account manager where he built software to automate a lot of campaign optimisations with the help of programming.
Tanmoy Kr. Das
Ex Google | IIM Kozhikode Alumni

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