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Intrapreneurship Skills Development


About the Course

According to a Randstad Workmonitor survey, 83% of the Indian workforce would like to be an entrepreneur.
However, most of them feel the risk of different factors, like the risk of capital investment, risk of career, etc.
Everyone wants to grow, they want to perform, they want success and they must, but they find no choice because either they need to invest capital and run a business, which may be risky in the case of lack of experience or they should continue as an employee.
Here is a way of creating a win-win situation where one can work like an entrepreneur without investing capital, called Intrapreneur. In this course, you will understand what it takes to be an intrapreneur. Here you find the actual meaning of a career and make the most of it.  It covers how performance is driven and the facts behind it. Through this course, you will get insights into a career as an Entrepreneur and how it plays a role to drive performance. You will get success and professional height. It covers the practical approaches to boost your career. So Join the Intrapreneurship Skills Development Course to make your Life Happy with Professional Heights!!

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Course Structure

  • Set Your Mindset 06:24
  • Get the Business Knowledge 05:26
  • Be Proactive 05:31
  • Be A Problem Solver 05:20
  • How to develop Out-of-Box thinking 03:24
  • Attach the growth of the Organization to your personal growth 08:04
  • Be Stable 06:19
  • Speak with the Data 03:40
  • Last but not the Least 17:26

Your Instructor

Nitesh Raj is a Super Productivity Coach | Entrepreneur | Founder of Reform Perform, and Author of “Karma Mantra – A Message for Working People from Bhagwat Geeta”. He is reaching out to many Youngsters and helping them tap their true potential and reform to perform. He is educating on Performance Acceleration Standards™. Believe in making Life Happy with Professional Heights. Nitesh Raj is driven by his passion for awakening and empowering individuals; he has imparted knowledge and addressed several individuals and Corporates. He has experience of more than a decade in the Training and Development team, making people high performers.
His experience with Genpact, Bank of America and other corporates made him stand tall, and he has a rich background of experience.
Super Productivity Coach

Course FAQs

This course covers one of the highly demanded skills of the 21st Century. This course will give you knowledge about Intrapreneurship Skills Development and why it is important. This course will develop your ability to perform at a high level in every part of your career. Finally, it will help you gain success at a faster pace and you would be able to drive performance the way an Entrepreneur does.

You can play the role of an Intrapreneur by following the practices explained in the course.

The Intrapreneurship Skills Development course is highly recommended for all budding professionals and anyone including Interns, and people who are joining startups, or working in MNCs and want to give a fast pace to their careers.

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