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Inside Sales & Business Development Certificate Program


The course is designed based on the inputs provided by 2000+ B2C companies associated with LeadSquared

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Assured Certification

After analysing the facts and figures provided by over 2000 B2C Sales companies that have been consistent in today’s market for over a decade, we have drawn up the outline for the Inside sales and business development program.

This course is designed meticulously to ensure that you become an Inside Sales Champion. This course will guide you for different career dimensions under the Inside sales & business development sector.

Learners will have the opportunity to learn the best practices used in Customer Relationship Management, on-demand skills of B2C sales i.e., reducing the sales cycle, negotiation skills, handling objection/rejection, effective ways to pitch Effortless payment options etc.

This is a 100% Practical Course – So, Get Ready for Hands-On Experience on the LeadSquared platform.

All the lesson-end assessments are designed in a way that gives a better understanding of the Inside sales & business development sector.

Course Structure

  • What is Sales? 15:47
  • Types of Sales Teams 10:03
  • Organizational Structure in Sales 14:55
  • Sales Funnel 08:11
  • Overview of B2B Sales 15:06
  • Sales techniques in B2B 10:12
  • KRA’s in B2B Sales and Job role / Career Path 10:40
  • Overview of B2C Sales 06:51
  • Sales techniques in B2C 10:38
  • KRA’s in B2C Sales and Job role / Career Path 17:14
  • Difference between B2B sales and B2C sales(Functional) 09:23
  • Words from Experts! 10:56
  • Knowledge Check
  • What is Marketing? 12:12
  • Process of Marketing 10:17
  • Strategic Marketing 09:11
  • Importance of Marketing 12:30
  • Network Marketing 14:30
  • Digital Marketing 19:04
  • Marketing vs Sales 10:13
  • Impact of Marketing in any Organization 07:33
  • Words from Experts! 12:16
  • Knowledge Check
  • Sales career by choice, not by chance 19:10
  • Is Sales career right for you? 16:49
  • Sales Career in B2B and B2C09:30
  • How to choose your career between B2C and B2B Sales?07:19
  • Ways to attain a commendable Sales Career09:08
  • Flexibility of having sales as a career10:10
  • Sales Growth (How does growth look like in Sales?)12:20
  • Words from Experts!10:39
  • Knowledge Check
  • Introduction to Inside Sales12:25
  • Why Companies prefer Inside Sales?15:15
  • Skills Needed for Inside Sales16:33
  • Job responsibilities in Inside Sales10:44
  • Benefits of Inside Sales Career11:59
  • How you can make a career in Inside Sales15:37
  • Words from Experts!10:03
  • Knowledge Check
  • Lead Sources12:20
  • What is lead funnel?09:43
  • Different Stages of a Lead06:02
  • Lead movement through different stages06:46
  • Words from Experts!06:29
  • Knowledge Check
  • Communication skills needed in Inside Sales23:50
  • Probing techniques15:09
  • Relationship building12:55
  • How to pitch the product09:57
  • Customer Decision Journey08:00
  • Handling objections & rejection17:17
  • How to pitch pricing in an effective way?10:54
  • Negotiation skills07:40
  • Effective ways of pitching offers or promotions07:06
  • Effortless Payment07:27
  • Closing skills08:50
  • Pitch Structure with Examples04:17
  • Words from Experts!11:59
  • Knowledge Check
  • How to become an IS Champion? 19:41
  • Roles and Responsibilities of an Inside Sales Professional 07:46
  • Telephone Handling Skills 11:54
  • Email techniques 15:00
  • Best Practices to be followed 10:39
  • Do’s and Don’ts for a successful salesperson 15:05
  • Words from Experts! 13:00
  • Knowledge Check
  • Different job roles in Inside sales 05:25
  • Career Path in Inside Sales 09:35
  • Top industries hiring for Inside Sales 07:35
  • How to crack interview in Inside sales 07:25
  • An effective resume is the key! 10:30
  • Words from Experts! 09:49
  • Knowledge Check

Your Instructor

TEDx Speaker, Vishwanath Gurlhosur has worked as Business Development Manager, Project Manager and is also a serial entrepreneur.

In 2014, he co-founded WizEngage, an interactive broadcasting software which facilitates engagement amongst brands – customers in a seamless & intuitive way on all digital displays. His focus was on Business development, Digital marketing and Strategic partnerships.

He has also been into public speaking, consulting and facilitation of General Management Skills, Soft Skills, and Business Skills across colleges, Institutes and organizations – both Govt and Private since 2009.

He has facilitated over 120 workshops so far all across India.

He has worked as an Adjunct Professor at Universidad del Desarrollo & Universidad de Los Andes both in Santiago, Chile where he taught Technology Ventures, Entrepreneurship and Innovation aka Design Thinking.

Vishwanath Gurlhosur

TEDx Speaker

Course FAQs

Inside Sales can be defined as sales where leads are mostly generated, pursued and closed using the web and phone.

Sales makes sure your business is running in the short term, and business development reassures your business will survive and/or grow in the long term. While sales is all about closing product sales, business development is all about opening up new business opportunities for your company

Business development establishes the parameters for sales teams. They open up new channels and markets for sales reps to sell products and services in — and even establish the repeatable strategies and processes to succeed in those markets.

Business development activities span across different departments within a company, such as project management, marketing, sales, account management (led by the account manager), vendor management and product management. Partnerships, networking, negotiations, and cost-management activities are also a part of it.

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