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Guide to General Banking


About the Course

In this course, the student will be able to learn the basics of banking. This course is designed so students can learn and implement key banking concepts. This course can also be taken up by students who are from non-commerce backgrounds but wish to hone their skills in banking and use them for their business and professional use.

01 hr 50 mins

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Course Structure

  • Introduction to Indian Banking 13:34
  • Types of Banks 08:46
  • Nationalization of Banks 10:51
  • Role of RBI 13:48
  • Banker’s Rights & Duties 09:44
  • Types of Accounts & Their Characteristics 09:20
  • Banking Services 07:47
  • Payment & Settlement Systems 09:42
  • E-Banking 11:03
  • Introduction to Mobile Wallets 08:27
  • Non-Performing Assets 06:47

Your Instructor

Prof. Jyoti Peswani has been actively engaged in the educational field for the last 5 years and has worked hands-on as a tax consultant and financial analyst.
She has worked with top educational institutes of Pune like Symbiosis, MIT, and is a Visiting Lecturer at Yesbud Online University, Zambia, South Africa.
Her expertise lies in conducting lectures and content development for the courses on Accounting, Taxation, and Financial Management and providing training for the same. She has a Masters in Finance from Pune University, and is UGC-NET Qualified. She is currently pursuing Ph.D. in Management from Mumbai.
Jyoti Peswani
Financial Educator

Course FAQs

This course can be taken up by students pursuing education in commerce and those from non-commerce backgrounds but wish to hone their skills and learn about the basic banking concepts and use them for their business and professional use.

Yes, the course structure is designed so that it is easy for students from non-commerce backgrounds to understand the concepts of banking and implement them as it is a service used by almost everyone, so prior education is optional.

This course will help the learner to learn the basic concept of banking in detail that can be used for your career or business

Yes. A separate module is designed on E-Banking, mobile wallets, payment systems, etc., so students can learn about the banking sector’s new banking products and technology.

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