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Demystifying Business Acumen

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The way businesses function around the world has changed. They demand innovative ways of handling the new-age challenges. One needs to be able to create an inspiring Vision and strong Strategic Orientation to create value for all stakeholders.

One must also be willing to take risks and pick the right opportunities in complex situations. The other critical component is being socially responsible as a business leader. One has to adopt practices that are sustainable and futuristic.

This Program brings together all these aspects and helps you understand Business Acumen. It enables business professionals to make the right decisions to drive the best business results for their own companies and clients.
This program provides insights with invaluable video sessions, tools, techniques, cases, self-reflections, and success stories to imbibe and internalize all these competencies. 

06:50 Hours

45 Videos

27 Handouts

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Business acumen is not one thing. It refers to the attributes and skills that every business person needs to understand so they can effectively contribute to the goals of the company. It’s also important because it helps to guide the business employee in how they can purposefully chart their business careers.

Success is directly linked to an individual’s ability to understand the wider organisational context. This course helps understand the working of any business as a whole, employees’ roles and responsibilities as well as customer needs.

Business Acumen is said to be the missing link for long-term success. Our Program will help you develop an in-depth understanding of how a business works, how it makes money, and how strategies and decisions impact financial, operational, and sales results

  • Corporate executives in middle and senior management
  • Founders and entrepreneurs
  • New Managers

Program Structure


Course: 1


Course: 2

Entrepreneurship Qualities

Course: 3

Understanding Corporate
Social Responsibility

Course: 4

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80% of the organisations fail to achieve the vision because they don’t properly execute their strategies. Therefore, businesses need leaders who can create inspiring visions and have a solid strategic orientation to achieve the desired goals.

Leaders and managers should clearly understand the organisation’s mission and set the vision and values to guide its actions. Strategic management also requires monitoring the activities of competitors, reviewing the organisation’s internal structure, evaluating current strategies and implementing and changing plans accordingly.

This online course will help you create inspiring vision statements that will serve as a guiding star for your organisation to follow. This program will also help anticipate future problems and opportunities and result in faster and better decision making.

  • Duration: 1:35 Hours
  • Total Videos: 16 Videos
  • PDF Handouts: 08 Handouts
  • 12 Months Access
  • Assured Certification
Module 1: Introduction
  • Leadership and Its Core Essentials 05:09 min + PDF
  • Self-Reflection
  • Mission, Vision, Value and Strategic Orientation 06:23 min + PDF
Module 2: Understanding Vision and Mission
  • Scenario 1: What is Vision and Mission? 01:35 min + PDF
  • Setting Vision for the Leaders 04:23 min
  • Visioning Exercise 04:14 min + PDF
  • Characteristics of Visioning Statements 02:56 min + PDF
  • Characteristics of Vision Statement and Leader’s Checklist 08:07 min
  • Scenario 2: Jack Welch 02:55 min
  • Inspiring Vision Statements 08:08 min
  • Scenario 3: Southwest Airlines 02:16 min
  • Developing Visioning Skills: Issues and Challenges 11:33 min + 2 PDF
  • Inspiring Leaders 08:15 min
Module 3: Strategic Orientation
  • Strategic Orientation 09:40 min + PDF
  • Business Strategies of Key Organisations 14:10 min
  • Scenario 4: Vision Statement of Successful Companies 01:33 min
Module 4: Conclusion
  • Summarisation 03:49 min
  • Key Points to Remember
  • Feedback Form
  • Course Assessment

Mr Avadhesh Dixit is a global HR leader with more than 20 years of HR experience. He has worked with companies such as TCS (London) as Head – Employee Engagement & OD, CMC Ltd, Head Global HR, and GE Capital in India. In addition, he is working as Vice President & Head Human Resources in Moody’s Corporation (India) and CHRO of Global HR & CSR Function for Moody’s Analytics Knowledge Services. He has also volunteered as chief mentor and advisor to Socio Story Foundation since January 2019.

Mr Avadhesh Dixit
Global HR Leader

The current market is nothing but Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous as our world is continuously getting disrupted by pandemics, political chaos, new technological inventions, global warming etc. Therefore, to flourish and survive in this world, we must always be prepared to battle uncertainties. However, this can only be achieved by staying creative and innovative.

It is imperative to transform through innovation as a leader to keep up with the volatile market. This program gives you insight into how you can use creativity and innovation in business, entrepreneurship and enhance leadership skills.

  • Duration: 1:35 Hours
  • Total Videos: 16 Videos
  • PDF Handouts: 08 Handouts
  • 12 Months Access
  • Assured Certification
Module 1: Introduction
  • Why Should Leaders be Creative or Innovative? 02:20 min + PDF
  • Self-Reflection
  • Scenario 1: Qualities of a Creative Leader 03:06 min
Module 2: Boost Your Creativity
  • What is Creativity? 03:54 min
  • Facets of Creativity with Illustration 7:30 min + PDF
  • Why is it essential to be Creative? 21:23 min + PDF
Module 3: Innovation Vs Creativity
  • Innovation: Perspectives 03:20 min + PDF
  • Innovation: Issues and Challenges 11:33 min + PDF
  • Innovation v/s Creativity 03:57 min
  • Source of Innovation 06:06 min + PDF
  • Innovation Strategy 06:08 min + PDF
Module 4: Conclusion
  • Learning from Organisations that Failed to Innovate 11:41 min + PDF
  • Key Points to Remember
  • Feedback Form: Creativity and Innovation
  • Course Assessment

Saswati Sinha is a Human Resource leader with more than 20 years of experience in people processes and strategy. She has been awarded the Top 100 and Top101HR Minds in India by ‘World HRD Congress’ in 2018 and 2019. She is also the winner of Top Fabulous HR Leaders in 2020. She has worked with leading firms in the respective business domains like LeadBusiness HR, and Publicis Media

Ms Saswati Sinha Head-HR, Cheil India (Samsung Group)

Entrepreneurs are not born, instead, they become by taking calculated risks and having a clear vision. They are individuals who distinguish themselves from the crowd by taking risks that are backed with responsibility and self-motivation.

Risk-taking is inherent to entrepreneurship as the entrepreneurial spirit is to all working individuals. Consequently, entrepreneurial and risk-taking skill is a must for all employees in this ever-changing business environment.

This course helps aspiring small business entrepreneurs identify and analyse entrepreneurial opportunities and enhances their entrepreneurial mindset. It is also useful for working professionals who are looking to level up their careers because when you master the entrepreneur mindset, you will begin to accomplish more goals than you ever imagined.

  • Duration: 1:55 Hours
  • Total Videos: 13 Videos
  • PDF Handouts: 08 Handouts
  • 12 Months Access
  • Assured Certification
Lesson 1 to 5
  • Introduction, Self-Reflection 07:15 min
  • Factors to Develop Entrepreneurship 09:41 min + PDF
  • Scenario 1 01:55 min
  • The Entrepreneurship Triangle – Person, Context and Enterprise 07:58 min + PDF
  • The Person: Attributes of an Entrepreneur 07:35 min + PDF
Lesson 6 to 10
  • Scenario 2 01:19 min
  • The Context for Entrepreneurship 09:53 min + PDF
  • The Enterprise 07:43 min + PDF
  • The Enterprise 07:43 min + PDF
  • What is Corporate Entrepreneurship? 3:59 min
  • Risk-Taking: The Core to Entrepreneurship 13:05 min + PDF
Lesson 11 to 13
  • Scenario 3 05:46 min
  • Leverages of Risks 06:20 min + PDF
  • Requirement to promote Entrepreneurship 12:49 min + PDF
  • Key Points to Remember
  • Evaluation of Investment Project: Feedback Form
  • Course Assessment

With 37 years of advisory research, training, and managerial experience, Professor Piyush Sinha holds a Ph.D. in marketing. He was a Professor in Retailing and Chairperson, Department of Marketing at Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad (IIM-A), India, till March 2018. Before IIMA, he taught at IIM Bangalore, XIMB, and was Dean at MICA.

Professor Piyush Kumar Sinha
Director, CRI Advisory and Research

Corporate Social Responsibility has become increasingly crucial for businesses these days. CSR, in simple terms, is a way of giving back to society. It is the way for companies to thank the customers for their loyalty and the world.

This course introduces participants to the field of Corporate social responsibility. It also discusses how to be a responsible, sustainable leader and the behaviour, practices, and system that makes a responsible leader. CSR is all about creating enduring value for all organisation stakeholders, including investors, the environment, other species, the community, and future generations.

  • Duration: 1:40 Hours
  • Total Videos: 12 Videos
  • PDF Handouts: 03 Handouts
  • Readings: 2 Readings
  • 12 Months Access
  • Assured Certification
Lesson 1 to 4
  • Responsible Sustainable Leadership: Key Attributes 07:26 min
  • Self-Reflection
  • Scenario 1 04:53 min
  • Responsible Sustainable Leadership: Expectations 13:08 min + PDF
  • Responsible Sustainable Leadership: Qualities 16:30 min + PDF
Lesson 5 to 8
  • Responsible Sustainable Leadership: Guidelines 07:50 min
  • Promoting Sustainability: Role of Leadership 09:18 min
  • Responsible Sustainable Leadership: A Model 12:56 min + PDF
  • Scenario 2 03:36 min
Lesson 9 to 12
  • Sustainable Leadership: Case Study 1 09:33 min + PDF
  • Sustainable Leadership: Case Study 2 06:11 min + PDF
  • Scenario 3 03:28 min
  • Summarisation 02:03 min
  • Feedback Form
  • Key Points to Remember
  • Course Assessment

Dr Bhaskar Chatterjee is the father of Corporate Social Responsibility in India and joined the Indian Administrative Service in 1975. Between 2008 – 2009, he was the Principal Advisor in the Planning Commission. He was part of the team responsible for shaping India’s response to the global economic crisis of 2009. He was also the former Director-General, CEO of the Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs (IICA). He spearheads the National Foundation for Corporate Social Responsibility.

Dr Bhaskar Chatterjee
Indian Steel Association.