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Business Ethics and Corporate Governance


About the Course

Business ethics and corporate governance are critical issues impacting an organization’s reputation, customer loyalty, and long-term sustainability. Therefore, this course provides learners with knowledge of legal and regulatory frameworks that govern business conduct, which is essential in creating effective governance structures.
They will also learn how to navigate ethical dilemmas and conflicts of interest in the workplace, a skill that is invaluable in promoting transparency, accountability, and integrity in organizations.
Moreover, the course will help learners develop critical thinking and decision-making skills, enabling them to make sound business decisions that prioritize ethical behavior and good governance. Such decisions can lead to more successful and socially responsible organizations, which is essential in today’s business environment.

1 hr 30 mins

8 Lessons


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Course Structure

  • Business Ethics and Corporate Governance Overview 1.48
  • Introduction to Business Ethics & Concepts 9.29
  • Values and Ethics 9.32
  • Ethical Corporate Behaviour & Its Development 10.23
  • Ethical Leadership 10.38
  • Theories and Models For Solving Ethical Issues 10.44
  • Introduction to Corporate Governance 11.07
  • Ethical Issues in Corporate Governance 8.25
  • Ethics in Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, and Information Technology 10.15

Your Instructor

Prof. Jyoti Peswani, Master in Finance from Pune University, UGC-NET Qualified, and Pursuing Ph.D. in Management from Mumbai, is a Qualified Academic Professional, actively engaged in the Education area for the past five years, with prior experience as a tax consultant and financial analyst.
In addition, she has extensive experience working with leading educational institutions in Pune, such as Symbiosis and MIT. Furthermore, she is a Visiting Lecturer at Yesbud Online University in Zambia, South Africa. Moreover, she has experience in course design and implementation at notable Edtech companies, such as Course-hero, Chegg India, Unacademy, Talentedge, Success Forum, etc.
Her expertise lies in presenting lectures, developing course content for Accounting, Taxation, and Financial Management courses, and providing training.
Prof. Jyoti Peswani
Financial Educator

Course FAQs

This course is suitable for students pursuing education in business, management, or related fields and professionals who want to deepen their understanding of business ethics and corporate governance.

Yes, you can enroll in the course. The course is structured in a way that is easy to understand for those without prior experience in the field.

This course will benefit your career or business in several ways. First, it will help you develop a strong business ethics and corporate governance foundation, which is essential for responsible business practices. This knowledge can enable you to make ethical and socially responsible decisions, enhance your reputation, and build trust with stakeholders. This course can help you become a more accountable and effective business professional.

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Upon completing the course, you will receive a certificate of completion which you can download from your Dashboard.

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