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Absolute Beginners Guide to AWS with Cloud Computing


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Are you a beginner or new to Cloud and looking for a Cloud Computing with AWS course that will give you a brief theoretical and practical experience? Then this course is designed just for you.
This course will give you hands-on experience with all the AWS services, including Cloud Computing Fundamentals.
You’ll learn
Reasons behind all the leading IT industries extensively adopting Cloud and DevOps culture
The advantages of Cloud Computing
Various types of Cloud Computing Services & Deployment Methods, Explore AWS Global Infrastructure (Regions and Availability Zones)
AWS Security service
AWS Identity Access Management (IAM)
AWS Networking services like Virtual Private Service (VPCs) Subnets, Security Groups, Internet Gateway, NAT Gateway & Network Access Control List (NACLs),
AWS compute services like Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Autoscaling Groups, Launch templates, Target Groups & Load Balancer.
Explore AWS Storage Services like Simple Storage Service(S3), Elastic Block Store(EFS) & Elastic File Store(EFS).
Explore how to set up budget alerts in Billing, and learn how to store the backup of your EC2 instance using Amazon Machine Image(AMIs) & Snapshots.
And last but not least, we will set up an HTTPD web server on EC2 instances and use a load balancer to distribute the traffic between the EC2 instances. At the end of the course, we have provided a BONUS video to help you accelerate your AWS knowledge to the next level!

Course FAQs

This course will give you knowledge about Cloud Computing, AWS and its importance in the corporate sector. This course will develop your ability to analyse business problems and think critically and analyse situations. Finally, it will help you gain experience in making strategic decisions based on market trends. Through our course, you will get insights into the scope and tools used in the industry to explore and analyse. It will also give you a career path to focus on in the field as a Quality professional.

Honestly, there is no pre-requisite or prior knowledge required for the course. If you are from a Computer Science background, then this tech will be the one you would find most interesting and easy to learn.

You will be easily able to crack interviews for entry-level jobs for Cloud Engineer, also you can go for AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification.

Anyone pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science Background will benefit from this course. This is an absolute perfect course for those who don’t want to do coding. Although coding is required but not at the SDE level or advanced level.

Course Structure

  • Introduction to AWS 01:17
  • Cloud Computing and Its Advantages 02:25
  • Cloud Computing Service & Deployment Models 02:50
  • AWS Global Infrastructure 02:00
  • AWS IAM 01:07
  • AWS IAM: Practical 05:42
  • AWS VPC, Subnet & Security Groups 01:30
  • AWS VPC, Subnet & Security Groups – Practical 03:44
  • Elastic Cloud Compute 01:04
  • Elastic Cloud Compute: Practical 06:21
  • Storage Services 01:50
  • Storage Services: Practical 05:26
  • Load Balancer 02:01
  • Load Balancer: Practical 06:13
  • Final Practical 20:47
  • Bonus Video 00:46
  • Bonus Video: Practical 20:51

Your Instructor

Mohak Gund is a professional Cloud Engineer at Searce inc. He has extensively worked on Cloud and DevOps tools like AWS, GCP, Terraform, Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins & Linux. He has worked with Fortune 100 companies and has Associate as well as Professional level certifications.
Mohak Gund
Cloud Engineer

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