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Prevention of Sexual Harassment Training for Employees

Pack of 2 Courses

About the Program

The concept of sexual harassment grew out of the second-wave feminist movement in the 1970s, and many workplaces have women cells for safety. However, Sexual harassment remains pervasive across many workplaces. Therefore, making people and employees aware of their legal rights has only grown stronger.

This course gives you the legal framework for the prevention of sexual harassment and also discusses the journey towards gender equality. It also brings forward issues and challenges in this critical area and provides a legal framework to address them effectively.

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Program FAQs

No, sexual harassment has nothing to do with gender; it is about the person in power.
Quid pro quo means this for that, it occurs when somebody in authority figure offers a team member will be given something in exchange for sexual favours

Visakha guidelines are a set of procedural guidelines for use in India in case of sexual harassment at the workplace. It was enforced by the supreme court of India in 1997 and superseded in 2013 by Sexual Harassment of Women at the workplace.

Sexual harassment is an issue that affects all of us at the workplace when it occurs because victims of sexual harassment suffer physically and psychologically. It also makes many victims quit their jobs or take sick leaves to escape from the harassment.
This course will help you understand the legal framework for preventing sexual harassment, what you should do, and your rights if you are being harassed, the kinds of sexual offences, and the journey towards gender equality.

Program Structure

Legal Framework for Prevention of
Sexual Harassment (POSH)

Course: 1

Journey towards
Gender Equality

Course: 2

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Prevention of Sexual Harassment (POSH) is a burning issue in the contemporary scenario. Movements like ‘Me Too’ have brought society’s lack of awareness and ignorance towards sexual harassment. This module brings forward problems and challenges in this critical area and provides legal guidelines to address them effectively.

  • Duration: 2:20 Hours
  • Total Videos: 13 Videos
  • PDF Handouts: 7 Handouts
  • Lesson 1: Pre-read: Sexual Harassment Skit 02:50 min + PDF
  • Lesson 2: Legal Understanding of Concepts of Sexual Harassment 11:12 min + PDF
  • Lesson 3: Supporting Legal Framework of Gender Laws in India (Overview) 03:14 min
  • Lesson 4: Legal Framework to Deal With Soft Gender Offences 11:28 min + PDF
  • Lesson 5: Rape and Consent under the Indian Penal Code (Hard Core Offences) 16:46 min + PDF
  • Lesson 6: Protection Afforded by Gender Based Laws 18:33 min + PDF
  • Lesson 7: Legal Understanding of Sexual Assault and Rape 08:00 min
  • Lesson 8: Understanding Stalking Laws in India 16:44 min + PDF
  • Lesson 9: Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act (POCSO) Pornography 09:36 min
  • Lesson 10: Prevention of Sexual Harassment (POSH) at Workplace How When and Why? 26:32 min
  • Lesson 11: Scenario on Sexual Harassment 01:13 min
  • Lesson 12: Scenario On Sexual Harassment 01:07 min
  • Lesson 13: Understanding and Effective Implementation of Gender Laws the Way Ahead 08:12 min
  • Additional Readings – 5 Case Studies + PDF
  • Key Points to Remember
  • Assessment

Ms Shriya Maini is an award-winning lawyer practising at the Supreme Court of India and the Delhi High Court in New Delhi. She specialises in dispute resolution (both civil, criminal and matrimonial). She is also a Gold Medalist from Gujarat National Law University; Post Graduated in Laws from the University of Oxford, U.K. She is also a visiting Professor for International Criminal Law at National Law University, Delhi and Lloyd Law College, Noida.

Ms Shriya Maini
Advocate, Supreme Court of India

Gender inequality has been traditionally engraved in our psyche by various factors like: our lifestyle, social values, traditions and culture. This program addresses the root cause and it prepares us for change in our society and workplace to overcome gender discrimination, inequality, patriarchy with suitable stories, illustrations and videos in a very simple and effective manner.

  • Duration: 01:40 Hours
  • Total Videos: 33 Videos
  • PDF Handouts: 12 Handouts
Module 1:
  • Lesson 1: What is Gender Difference?    02:21 min + PDF
  • Lesson 2: Managing My Money 13:31 min + PDF
Module 2: Modes of Investment
  • Lesson 1: Debt and Equity 23:05 min + PDF
  • Lesson 2: Why Should I Invest? 13:08 min
Module 3: Investment Decisions
  • Lesson 1: Factors Affecting Investment 17:40 min + PDF
  • Lesson 2: Wonders of Compounding & amp; SIP 12:31 min + PDF
  • Lesson 3: Financial Calculators 16:41 min
  • Retirement Calculators: Self Reflection
  • Child Marriage: Self Reflection
  • Children Education Planner: Self Reflection
  • Present Value Calculator
Module 4: Investment Instruments
  • Lesson 1: Debt Instruments 20:10 min + PDF
  • Lesson 2: Equity Instruments 22:31 min + PDF
  • Lesson 3: Tax 17:07 min + PDF
  • Lesson 4: Real Estate20:27 min + PDF
Module 5: Conclusion
  • Lesson 1: Portfolio Rebalancing 03:35 min + PDF
  • Feedback Form: Financial Planning for Retirement

Dr Abhijit Das is a researcher and one of the global pioneers on involving men for gender equality. He is a Director of the Centre for Health and Social Justice(CHSJ) in India and Clinical Associate Professor of the Department of Global Health at the University of Washington, Seattle, USA. He has been an invited speaker on many national and international platforms, including the United Nations and the European Union. In addition, he is associated as an advisor with various policy-making bodies in India, including the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and the National Human Rights Commission.

Dr Abhijit Das Director: Centre for Health and Social Justice