Design Thinking for Professionals

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Instructor: Rohit Swarup

Design Thinking: Design thinking is the New Currency of 21st century. It is a creative problem solving method, which has taken the business world by storm. Design Thinking has proven its mettle, as multinational corporations such as Google and Apple use it in their day to day operation. Design thinking leads to innovation and helps inproblem solving by combining creative and critical thinking.

Design Thinking has proven to be of immense help in solving problems at all levels and across all industries. This program gives an in-depth study of what is design thinking,what are the different approaches of design thinking, how you solve a problem through Design Thinking and also helps you understand the tools and techniques of design thinking, which is used in solving a problem. The program also takes real life Case Studies of leading organizations like Pepsi, P&G, Starbucks, Infosys, etc, that have successfully implemented it, to give a more thorough understanding to the learners

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