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Email Marketing Masterclass


About the Course

Looking to learn the ins and outs of email marketing? Look no further than our comprehensive Email Marketing Masterclass! This 4+ hour training course provides a step-by-step process for sending and utilizing emails to grow your business without wasting money on experimentation.
With the skills you’ll learn in this masterclass, you’ll be able to grow your own business, land a job in the exciting field of email marketing, or help clients increase their businesses through effective email marketing strategies.
This practical course is designed to provide hands-on experience from the very first lecture. Throughout the course, you’ll learn proper techniques and strategies for email marketing and see real-world case studies that illustrate these strategies in action. And best of all, you’ll take action and see real results!

02 hrs

7 Modules

10 MCQs

5 Assignments

12 Month Access

Assured Certification

Course Structure

  • Introduction To The Course 5:06
  • Importance Of Email Marketing 06:18
  • Creating An Account In Mailchimp And Exploring Features 08:45
  • Creating And Managing Audience In Mailchimp 14:15
  • Adding Campaigns And Composing Emails In Mailchimp 11:28
  • Nurturing Emails, Newsletters Campaign Setup 06:16
  • Send Automated Greeting Emails To Your Customers Via Mailchimp 05:30
  • Using Gmail Accounts For Email Marketing 09:11
  • What Is Email Warmup? 05:09
  • Email Writing Using AI Tools 05:15
  • Using Templates To Design Emails 06:09
  • Creating A Footer Signature For Emails 04:00
  • Uploading Html Template In Gmail Through Browser 04:14
  • The CC, BCC, Reply to, And Follow-up Fields Explained 04:17
  • How To Land In Inbox Instead Of Spam Folder 06:05
  • Lead Magnet Creation 04:29
  • What Is A Landing Page? 02:08
  • Creating An Irresistible Landing Page to Attract More Customers 05:38
  • Analyzing Your Campaign Data 04:57
  • Conclusion 01:24

Your Instructor

Ruphshanker Mishra is an Entrepreneur, Digital Marketing Consultant, Trainer, and Expert. He has assisted numerous startups and businesses in leveraging the best digital marketing strategies to multiply their revenues.
A Computer Science Engineer, he began his career as a Marketing Associate in a Startup Company at 19. He gained valuable experience in online marketing while working for the company.
He is now known for developing exceptional branding and digital marketing solutions for various brands. He has been featured in several reputable Hindi and English newspapers, and he has also been invited to speak as a guest lecturer at Amity University about Digital Marketing.
Ruphshanker Mishra

Digital Marketing Consultant

Course FAQs

In the Email Marketing Masterclass course, you’ll learn everything from the basics to advanced concepts of Email Marketing, including how Emails work, various Email tools, and best practices for sending effective Emails.

Our training program is specially designed for Under-Graduates, Graduates, Working Professionals, Freelancers, Housewives, and Entrepreneurs. Anyone looking to launch a career in Email Marketing can benefit from this course.

Yes! According to industry statistics, the Email Marketing industry is expected to grow substantially in upcoming years, making it a good career choice with high-paying salary packages and job opportunities worldwide.

Upon completing the payment process, you will receive an email confirmation from our team within 5 minutes. Then, you can use your login credentials to access the course on the Dashboard, where you can learn at your own pace and convenience.

Upon completing the course, you will receive a certificate of completion which you can download from your Dashboard.

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