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Business Masterclass for Entrepreneurs


About the Course

The Business Masterclass for Entrepreneurs has been created to support both current and aspiring entrepreneurs comprehend the essential components required to build a successful and sustainable business. Many startups fail due to inadequate entrepreneurship skills, making it critical for entrepreneurs to follow a structured methodology encompassing all the necessary factors for success.
This program strongly emphasizes providing entrepreneurs with a logical and systematic approach to building a business that results in favorable outcomes. Through the program, entrepreneurs will learn how to create an ecosystem that facilitates the sustained operation of a business using a structured method. By consistently adopting these principles, entrepreneurs can achieve consistency in their businesses, resulting in consistent growth.
The Business Masterclass for Entrepreneurs focuses on marketing, sales, finance, and operations, equipping entrepreneurs with the necessary tools to take their businesses to the next level. By following the structured methodology taught in the program, entrepreneurs can avoid common pitfalls that often lead to business failure and achieve sustainable success.

07 hrs

6 Modules

9 MCQs

12 Month Access

25 Assignments

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Course Structure

  • Sales & Marketing Introduction 01:37
  • Difference Between Sales And Marketing 06:52
  • Types Of Sales 09:08
  • Fundamental Difference Between Sales And Marketing 06:30
  • Consistency In Business 15:02
  • Factors For Consistency In Business 12:30
  • Inbound & Outbound Sales 15:10
  • Recap 05:37
  • Business Planning Introduction 01:07
  • What Is A Business Plan? 07:05
  • Why Do We Need A Business Plan & Its Importance? 10:04
  • Types Of Business Plans 15:35
  • Steps & Factors To Consider While Writing A Business Plan 22:34
  • What Does An Investor Wants In A Business Plan? 11:47
  • Sales Process Introduction 02:06
  • Meaning Of Process In A Business 08:06
  • What Is Process & A Sales Process? 07:54
  • Stages Of A Sales Process 23:43
  • Implications Of A Sales Process 07:41
  • Sales Process For Offline And Online Businesses 15:07
  • Lead Generation & Conversion Introduction 02:11
  • Introduction To What Is A Lead? 04:37
  • What Is A Lead? 04:02
  • Reasons For Not Being Able To Convert Leads 10:13
  • Types Of Leads & How To Generate Them? 06:31
  • Lead Classification & Stages To Maximize Results 07:03
  • Lead & Stages Of Leads 13:03
  • Top 7 Negotiation Skills For Closing Deals 19:51
  • Sales Deck & Sales Pitch Introduction 04:48
  • Sales Communication & Its Elements 12:20
  • Important Aspects Of Sales Communication 09:56
  • Sales Deck & Its Objectives In Business 12:49
  • How To Draft A Sales Deck? And It’s Fundamentals 22:27
  • Strategies To Be Impactful During A Sales Pitch 15:36
  • Key Takeaways & Basic Introduction To Frugal Marketing 05:38
  • Meaning & Relevance Of Frugal Marketing In Business 11:50
  • Perceptions About Marketing In Business 07:29
  • Stages Of Consumer 07:28
  • Classification Of Marketing Tools 10:10
  • How Frugal Marketing Helps A Business? 26:35

Your Instructor

Harish Iyar is a highly experienced professional passionate about supporting MSMEs and entrepreneurs in achieving financial growth and success in India. He has over 33 years of experience in Business and Management Consulting, Strategy Management, and Leadership Training for Retail and General Trade in Consumer companies.
Harish’s vast expertise, knowledge, and skills in these fields have made him one of India’s most sought-after Business Consultants. He is dedicated to helping small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and entrepreneurs reach their full potential and achieve their business goals.
Harish’s professional experience and leadership skills have proven invaluable to many businesses in India. His ability to offer strategic insights, combined with his deep understanding of the Indian consumer market, makes him an exceptional resource for entrepreneurs looking to grow their businesses in this dynamic and complex market.
Harish Iyar

Founder and CEO

Course FAQs

This program is for entrepreneurs or individuals with a strong interest in becoming an entrepreneur.

After completing this course, you can create a comprehensive and future-oriented business plan, develop a process for repeatability and consistency, build tools to handle objections and challenges and initiate cost-effective marketing activities.

Anyone with a product or service ready to launch or who wants to learn modern and effective methods for growing their business should attend this course. In addition, entrepreneurs who value scientific methods and are committed to long-term success will benefit from this program.

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