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Business Communication


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Effective communication is crucial for success in the workplace. It allows individuals to share ideas, collaborate on projects, and establish relationships with colleagues. Therefore, communication is key, whether speaking with coworkers, sending emails, or delivering presentations.
Good communication can increase productivity, stronger employee relationships, and a positive work environment. On the other hand, poor communication can lead to misunderstandings, mistakes, and conflicts, which can waste time and resources and create a hostile work environment.
This course will help learners develop the essential skills to communicate effectively in a professional setting. They will learn clear and concise communication strategies, actively listening to others, and avoiding confusing technical language that can lead to misunderstandings. Additionally, learners will understand how effective communication can improve productivity, job satisfaction, and retention rates.
By the end of the course, learners will have the tools and knowledge needed to communicate more effectively with colleagues and establish stronger relationships in the workplace. By building better communication skills, learners can contribute to a positive and productive work environment and achieve greater career success.

Course Structure

  • What Is Communication And Why Do We Need To Know About It? 4:44
  • Characteristics And Processes 10:38
  • Organizational Communication (Internal And External) 2:51
  • Need And Purpose Of Communication 6:40
  • Organizational Structure And Chain Of Commands 3:37
  • Channels Of Communication: Formal/Informal 4:58
  • Seven Cs To Effective Communication 10:39
  • Barriers To Communication 26:23
  • Ethics In Communication 8:26
  • Business Etiquette Basics 9:10
  • Role Of Critical Thinking And Creative Thinking In Effective Communication 14:06
  • Emotional Quotient In Communication 6:51
  • Communication In A Multicultural World 8:47
  • Rumour 6:12
  • De-Escalate Argument At Work 3:20
  • What Is Feedback? 4:54
  • Functions Of Feedback 3:36
  • Purpose Of Feedback 2:59
  • How To Give Feedback? 6:03
  • How To Receive Feedback? 6:37
  • Power Of Body Language/Paralinguistic Features 6:29
  • Proxemics/Personal Space 1:24
  • How Not To Miscommunicate? 10:21
  • Listening And Thinking 4:03
  • Barriers To Active Listening 6:39
  • Tips For Active Listening 6:39
  • Business Speaking Essentials 9:12
  • Ten Commandments Of Effective Speaking 11:25
  • Art Of Persuasion 6:16
  • Art Of Negotiation 10:06
  • Presentation 7:47
  • Business Writing Essentials 8:15
  • How To Write A Powerful Business Report 8:54
  • How To Write An Effective Business Email 10:33
  • How To Write A Clear Business Memo 5:01
  • How To Format A Business Document 6:04
  • Telephonic Conversation 11:20
  • Effective Instant Messaging Technique 9:49
  • Zoom, Google Meet, Ms. Teams Effective Hacks 7:31
  • How To Handle Office Politics? 15:12
  • Dealing With Bullying 8:22

Your Instructor

Madhav’s core specialty is mentoring students of various backgrounds and ages in Public Speaking, Professional Communication, and Impact Writing. He has been involved in public life since a young age. For at least two decades, his engagements have included debates, panel discussions, declamation, elocution, and personality pageant presentations.
His professional experiences in various organizations and positions strengthen his profile. From All India Radio to Wipro BPO, from grassroots NGO programmes backed by Axis Bank Foundation, DFID-UK, etc., dealing with top-level funding organizations such as CAF India and Orbis International, he has held several critical positions.
He currently coaches and individually advises students of all Professional Communication and Public Speaking levels. He is also a regular expert on the platform for learning English communication, EngVarta. He is also qualified as a writer by SixPL, a content writing organization. He has published articles and blogs for websites such as,, and, among others.

Communication Mentor and Public Speaking Coach

Course FAQs

Anyone who believes they want to grow in their career needs it. But, unfortunately, even being the best in technical aspects won’t give you any growth without having workplace communication skills.

It will equip you with all the necessary tools and understanding of professional communication at the workplace, the lack of which could hold you back at your office.

Ten modules contain dozens of chapters covering everything from body language to speaking, email writing to presentations, and much more.

Not at all. A deliberate attempt has been made to keep it as simple as possible.

Yes, keeping in mind the growing trend of video conferencing, a chapter has been dedicated to that.

It’s a well-balanced mix of both. The theory is needed to make sense of the practical application of the knowledge and vice-versa.

Going through the chapters is just a matter of five n a half hours, but applying the knowledge in professional life will give the actual results.

Yes, you can leave your comments in case of any doubt, and the expert shall get back to you.

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