Importance of Emotional Intelligence
at the Workplace

Importance of Emotional Intelligence
at the Workplace

Most of us train our emotions at the door of every entrance. At work, we have slowly detached ourselves from our genuine emotions, particularly anger, anxiety and sorrow. Instead, we focus on suppressing or denying these emotions not to get recognised.

Long decades of research have shown that people struggling with mental health issues are the ones who have not been able to navigate their emotions. It becomes challenging to stay motivated and productive in such a situation, and performance at work gets hampered. Therefore, failing to address and manage our stress can further deteriorate one’s mental state and impact our physical health in turn. When we cannot control our stress levels, we can cause
serious physical health issues like blood pressure, suppressing the immune system and increasing the risk of heart attacks.

We should understand that we cannot cope with stress until we are fully connected to our emotions. Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is the ability to perceive, control and evaluate feelings and consequently cope effectively with the demands and pressures of work and life.

Emotional Intelligence helps you navigate the social complexities of the workplace, lead and motivate others and excel in your career. It is believed to be improved with training and practice.Employees with higher scores on measures of EQ also tend to be rated higher on criteria of interpersonal functioning, leadership abilities, and stress management.

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