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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Using Python


About the Course

This comprehensive course will teach you the essentials of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) using Python programming language.
You will acquire the skills necessary for data analysis, statistical concepts, data exploration tools and techniques, data visualization, and understanding the differences between machine learning and deep learning.
Furthermore, you will gain in-depth knowledge of deep learning neural networks such as ANN, CNN, and RNN, natural language processing (NLP) and data-driven storytelling.
By the end of this course, you will have a solid foundation in AI and ML and Python programming, enabling you to tackle complex projects and develop cutting-edge solutions in data science.

10 hrs 45 mins

10 Modules

1 Project

9 Assessments

12 Month Access

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Course Structure

  • Natural Intelligence Vs Artificial Intelligence 06:09
  • Artificial Intelligence Agents 10:50
  • Types Of Agents 12:49
  • PEAS Descriptors 06:41
  • Artificial Intelligence Components 15:09
  • Introduction To Python 14:18
  • Python Installation And IDLE 12:16
  • How To Use Collaboratory 05:10
  • Tokens Variables Input Output 16:11
  • Data Types 18:03
  • Python Flow Control Branching 13:39
  • Strings 18:23
  • Lists 20:56
  • Statistics Introduction 14:52
  • Data Introduction And Collection Techniques 12:31
  • Statistics And Its Types 13:50
  • Percentiles And Quartiles 08:43
  • Linear Algebra 09:40
  • How to describe Categorical data 06:34
  • Numpy Library 10:10
  • Pandas Series And Dataframe 34:14
  • Read / Write CSV 09:33
  • Data Exploration Using Pandas 28:02
  • Case Study Dataset ‘Toyota.Csv” 15:43
  • Handling Missing Value From “Toyota.csv” 11:26
  • Interpolate Function To Fill Missing Values 05:28
  • Introduction To Machine Learning Its Types 12:21
  • Linear & Multiple Regression 11:50
  • Linear Regression Practical 05:04
  • Linear Vs Logistic Regression 09:50
  • Logistic Regression Practical 14:46
  • Multi Logistic Regression With Practical 11:17
  • Confusion Matrix 09:02
  • AI And Deep Learning Introduction 09:11
  • Artificial Neural Network (ANN) 06:46
  • Convolutional Neural Net (CNN) 08:08
  • Recurrent Neural Networks (RNN) 08:21
  • Introduction To Data Visualization 10:16
  • Python Library Matplotlib 16.45
  • Python Library Seaborn 15.06
  • Python Library Plotly 12:32
  • Case Study 08.55
  • Text Preprocessing 14:06
  • Regular Expression 11:18
  • Text Representation 19.44
  • Text Classification 09.52
  • Part Of Speech Tagging : Spacy Library 06.19
  • SMS Spam Detection 09.50
  • Story Telling Overview 08.40
  • How To Create Stories ? 12.54
  • Stories During The Steps Of Predictive Analysis 08.20
  • Exploratory Data Analysis using IPL Dataset 19.44

Your Instructor

Dr. Pooja Bijlani currently serves as an IT Trainer. She has extensive experience of over 15+ years in academic and research fields. She specializes in teaching Programming Languages, including C, C++, Python, Java, React, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Data Science. Her students highly appreciate her for her excellent teaching skills in Programming Languages.
Besides teaching, Dr. Bijlani has also worked on numerous End-to-End projects in Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, Python Desktop Application GUI, and Web Designing. Her expertise in these fields makes her an accomplished professional and helps her impart her knowledge to students practically and efficiently.
Dr. Pooja Bijlani

IT Trainer (Subject Matter Expert )

Course FAQs

This course is designed for anyone interested in AI and ML, regardless of their technical background.

Basic knowledge of programming and mathematics is recommended but optional.

The course is designed to be self-paced, so the amount of time required will vary depending on your learning style and background.

Upon completing the payment process, you will receive an email and a WhatsApp confirmation from our team within 5 minutes. The confirmation message will include your login credentials to access the course on the Dashboard, where you can learn at your own pace and convenience.

This course will teach you about Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and their importance in the corporate sector. In addition, this course will develop your ability to analyze business problems and provide data-driven solutions. Finally, it will help you gain experience applying machine learning algorithms to infer predictions.

Upon completing the course, you will receive a certificate of completion.

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