Course Highlights
  • 2.30 Hours
  • 9 Videos
  • 3 Handouts, 2 Readings
  • 3 scenarios
  • 4 Frequently asked Questions
  • Program Assessment Quiz
  • 1 Self Reflection

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Responsible Sustainable Leadership

Instructor: Dr. Bhaskar Chatterjee

Responsible Sustainable Leadership refers to those behaviors, practices and systems that create enduring value for all stakeholders of organisation, including investors, the environment, other species, future generations and the community.

In this program, you will understand what makes a Sustainable leader, the role a leader plays in promoting sustainability and some cases to demonstrate what transformed lives through responsible sustainable leadership.

This Program provides insights into Entrepreneurship and Risk taking with invaluable video sessions, tools, techniques, cases, self-reflections and success stories to imbibe and internalize these competencies.

Yes, I am Interested !!

Yes, I am Interested !!