Financial Planning for Retirement

Pankaj Sidana · June 28, 2019

Significant part of our lifetime is spent working. Why do we work? Some work for a better future while others for enjoying the benefits of the present. Interestingly there is a lot of emphasis on spending now and getting the best benefits at this point of time. In this obsession with the present, people often fail to give adequate attention to an important reality. We often fail to save enough for the later phase of our life. Even when we do save, we are not aware of the instruments that we can use to productively grow our savings with respect to our risk profile. This course would be introducing you to the instruments and choices you have to deploy your savings, and explain the USPs of each of them. It would also help you to calculate your financial needs through various financial calculators.

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Pankaj Sidana

Mr. Pankaj Sidana is an expert of repute in financial and investment planning. His expertise includes financial consultancy that encompasses portfolio management, tax planning, risk management, industrial insurance, and health insurance. Pankaj manages an investment portfolio for more than 3000 clients with assets worth more than 300 crores as well as takes regular training sessions on financial planning and managing money with objectives.

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