In a rapidly globalizing world, every organization at some point of time has to undergo change to remain viable in the market. The organization that adapts quickly creates a competitive advantage, whereas an organisation that fails to adapt to the changes is left behind.

The change in an organisation can only be brought in by the Leader and he should be ably supported by the employees to make it happen. So, are you a leader who is ready to be the change agent? Are you the employee, who is ready to adapt to change? As a Leader, what are the steps, you should take up for being a successful change agent? How do you know when the change is required? How do you navigate the change in your organization.

This program on Change management prepares you to be a leader who successfully adapts to change and drives successful outcomes. It also shows you a structured approach to move forward with the change in the organization.

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Kapil Chawla
Posted 2 weeks ago
Extremely relevant course

This course is really significant given the pandemic. Helped me with managing big changes in life and work.

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Posted 3 weeks ago
Must-Enrol Program

This course is extremely relevant given how the past two years have unfolded. It really helped me deal with change in an effective way.

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