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Leadership – Building Business Acumen

Business needs leaders at all levels who are able to create an inspiring Vision and strong Strategic Orientation to create value for all stakeholders. A leader must have Creative and Innovative attributes to do things differently. The other critical competency needed include, Responsible Sustainable Leadership and Entrepreneurship in today’s environment. The leader must be willing to take risks and be prepared to take up challenges and also able to pick the right opportunities in complex situations.This Program provides insights with invaluable video sessions, tools and techniques, cases, self-reflections and success stories to imbibe and internalize these competencies.

Who Should Attend?

The program is suitable for all employees working in the Corporates, PSUs and Academics.

Vision and Strategic Orientation

Vision and Strategy are critical competencies of a leader. A leader should be visionary and able to inspire people to achieve greater heights. Vision is a mental picture, a dream with a future orientation and it guides self and an organization by articulating what it wishes to attain. The strategy on the other hand tells you how a company is going to achieve its Vision. A strategy therefore sets the direction and decision in achieving the vision. In this module we shall talk about the key components in formulating and articulating the vision, mission, values and strategy. We will also understand the important elements of a vison and exemplary vision statements with illustrations from great organisations and visionary leaders. Further, we will also understand the Business strategies of leading organisations.

2.30 Hours, 12 Videos, 8 Handouts, 3 scenarios, 13 Frequently asked Questions, Program Assessment Quiz, 1 Self Reflection
Vision and Strategic Orientation
Taught By
Mr. Avadhesh Dixit

Mr. Avadhesh Dixit is a global HR leader with more than 20 years of HR experience. He has worked with companies such as TCS (London) as Head, Employee Engagement &OD, in CMC Ltd as Head Global HR, in GE Capital’s Retail Finance in India he worked as Vice President & Head Human Resources and in Moody’s corporation he is now working as Chief Human Resources Officer he also leads Global HR & CSR Function for Moody’s Analytics knowledge Services. He also volunteers as the chief mentor and advisor in socio story since January 2019. Mr. Dixit was also presented the distinguished alumni award by the dean, Faculty of Commerce and Business, Delhi school of Economics for outstanding achievement in HR.

Creativity & Innovation

Creativity is the capability or act of conceiving something original or unusual and is rated as an important leadership attribute in the highly competitive world today. In this module we shall learn about the various facets of creativity, whether it can be nurtured or inborn, one time process or a continuous process and other related aspects. Innovation on the other hand is the implementation of something new or novel. Innovation is the creation of something that has never been made before and is recognized as the product of some unique insight. We will also understand the difference between them, the sources of innovation and implementation of innovation strategy to create value for the organisation.

2.30 Hours, 10 Videos, 8 Handouts, 4 scenarios, 4 Frequently asked Questions, Program Assessment Quiz, 1 Self Reflection
Creativity & Innovation
Taught By
Ms. Saswati Sinha

Saswati Sinha is a Human Resource leader with more than 20 years of experience in people processes and strategy. She has been awarded the Top 100 and Top101HR Minds in India by ‘World HRD Congress’ in 2018 and 2019 consecutively. She is also the winner of Top Fabulous HR Leaders in 2020. Mrs. Sinha has worked with Media, Advertising, and IT and ITeS Industry to set benchmarks. She has been working with the top leadership/decision roles since the last 8 years. She has worked with firms like LeadBusiness HR, Publicis Media , and as Head- Human Resources at Cheil Worldwide (a Samsung group company) in India.

Entrepreneurship and Risk taking

Entrepreneurship is a process of actions of an entrepreneur who is a person always in search of something new and exploits such ideas into gainful opportunities by accepting the risk and uncertainty with the enterprise. Entrepreneurship is defined as the act of starting and running your own business or a tendency to be creative and wish to work for yourself in your own ventures. Entrepreneurship is one of the important competencies of leadership. In this module we shall discuss the factors needed to develop entrepreneurship amongst the individuals and the the key attributes needed. We shall also deliberate on risk taking ability in entrepreneurship and the Corporate entrepreneurship.

2.30 Hours, 10 Videos, 8 Handouts, 3 scenarios, 2 Frequently asked Questions, Program Assessment Quiz, 1 Self Reflection
Entrepreneurship and Risk taking
Taught By
Prof Piyush Sinha

Prof Piyush Kumar Sinha is Director, CRI Advisory and Research. He has 37 years of advisory research and training as well as managerial experience in marketing, sales, retailing, service, and business strategy for products as well as service and business strategy for products as well as service companies. Prof. Sinha holds a Ph.D. in marketing. He was a professor in Retailing as well as Chairperson, Department of Marketing at Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad (IIMA), India till March 2018. Before IIMA, he taught at IIM Bangalore, XIMB and was Dean at MICA

Responsible Sustainable Leadership

This refers to those behaviours, practices and systems that create enduring value for all stakeholders of organisation, including investors, the environment, other species, future generations and the community. Sustainability encompasses 3 key interlocking aspects: environmental, social and economic. Responsible leaders are leaders those who not only care of the company but also about the environment and the society, making sure everyone benefits. In this module we shall understand what makes a Sustainable leader, the role a leader plays in promoting sustainability and some cases to demonstrate what transformed lives through responsible sustainable leadership.

2.30 Hours, 9 Videos, 3 Handouts, 2 Readings, 3 scenarios, 4 Frequently asked Questions, Program Assessment Quiz, 1 Self Reflection
Responsible Sustainable Leadership
Taught By
Dr. Bhaskar Chatterjee

Dr. Bhaskar Chatterjee is widely acclaimed as the father of Corporate Social Responsibility in India. He joined the Indian Administrative Service in 1975. In 2008 – 2009 he was the Principal advisor in the planning commission. He was part of the team responsible for shaping India’s response to the global economic crisis of 2009. He was also a former Director General, CEO of the Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs (IICA) he spearheads the National Foundation for Corporate Social Responsibility. At present, he is the Secretary General of Indian Steel Association. He is also a teacher, a prolific writer who has authored four books, and a much sought after speaker who has enlivened many classrooms and seminar halls.