Gender Sensitization and Prevention of Sexual Harassment (POSH) at Workplace New

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The program gives you the overall concepts and understanding of gender discrimination and sexual harassment. It also gives you an understanding of the prevailing patriarchal system, masculinity in historic perspectives and various other factors fostering gender discrimination. These have a direct impact on sexual harassment at workplaces which has drawn a lot of visibility through media and governmental institutions. The program illustrates a number of stories, videos, scenarios and self-reflections to internalize the learnings and legal provisions that have been highlighted to address the issues and make the workplace safe and conductive to work at.

Time Commitment 8-9 hours including 5:30 hours of video content.
Who is this program for The target audience for the program is all male & female employees working in corporates and academia.
Language English
What is Gender? The concept of gender is not only about being a man or a woman. In fact, you are expected to behave according to your gender. People use the term “sex” and “gender” interchangeably. But while connected, the two terms are not equivalent. The main objective of the program is to understand how gender stereotypes get perpetuated in our society and social control is operated through these stereotypes.
What is Gender?
Taught By
Dr. Shaily Bhashanjali

Dr. Shaily Bhashanjali is an acclaimed speaker, author on issues related to caste, gender equality and governmental institutions. She has a Doctorate degree in Sociology and Post-Graduation in Management. She has been a management faculty for almost two decades in reputed institutions. Her articles on social issues have been published in numerous magazines and journals. Besides academics, she has seasoned media skills and also has been an active speaker on gender and socio-political issues on All India Radio.

Journey towards Gender Equality

Gender inequality has been traditionally engraved in our psyche by various factors like – our lifestyle, social values, traditions and culture. This program addresses the root cause and it prepares us for change in our society and workplace to overcome Gender discrimination, inequality, patriarchy with suitable stories, illustrations and videos in a very simple and effective manner.

Journey towards Gender Equality
Taught By
Dr. Abhijit Das

Dr. Abhijit Das is a researcher and one of the global pioneers on involving men for Gender equality. He is a Director of the Centre for Health and Social Justice(CHSJ), in India and Clinical Associate Professor of the Department of Global Health at the University of Washington, Seattle, USA. He has been an invited speaker on many national and international platforms including the United Nations and the European Union. He is associated as an advisor with various policy making bodies in India including the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and the National Human Rights Commission.

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